No random with summons

I just did 4 summons for this current elemental ice …got 3 Graymanesin a row!!! and 1 ulmer…

That’s not how you get players to stay into the game and spending money , not right!

What did you expect lol

That sounds frustrating. Wishing you better RGN in the future! :wink:

I’m frustrate too,spend money trying to buy an event heroe and system give you a three star heroe you already get at training camp or in regular summon .I decided don’t buy any gem neither spend any more money on event heroes.If you show a hereo and ppl click over it to buy it,them sell the one the costumer choose.Then we fill satisfy and motivate to spend more.

The summon gate clearly states that the heroes shown are possible results, not a guaranteed purchase.
The random nature of summons, frustrating as it is, is to make sure people who don’t spend lots of money have a chance to compete ingame against those who do.

For sure,I decided spend no more money.I will try leveling training camp and SH to 20 and that’s it.

That’s what quite a few of the people here have done. Good luck with the training. I’ve gotten Elena, Marjana, and Joon out of TC20 so far, even though I already had them through summons, so it does work.

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