NO Quiting alliance DURING war time

Dont think a player should be able to leave an alliance during the prepare phase or during the war. Each player has the ability to opt out at any point when between matches. I know, that player might not even participate if they were intent on leaving, but at same time they might have decided to attack once just for the loot…

Not sure if this has been posted before or what topic would be called…

Reason: 15 vs 15. Totally out matched by opposing teams tp levels, but they failed to fully show up. We had a member leave and we lost the war by 53pts lol…

Yeah… So not cool. Humans - such a fickle species.
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If there’s not one relevant thread… Ceteris paribus :grin:

Who will force the one that want to leave to fight?

Don’t think that your alliance got an advantage. We as well got a guy leaving after matchmaking recently and I was really upset about it. But let him stay would have give us what effort? One attack? Hmmm :thinking:

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@Sorsha no, we would remove someone after thier second strike. This was an unexpected departure. Good active member, 3600tp, and then poof. No word or anything. Just left us down a man. And making him stay might not have done anything like you said. Results could have been the way it was anyway.

What I’m asking, is just to remove an option to fully quit if your opted in the war and the countdown or game has started. I dont remember right this second, but an ex-member def is or isn’t present?

Their defense remains present.

If someone doesn’t wanna be there, I don’t think anyone should force them. Definitely vote against this.

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We had 2 new members not set their defense before war, so we were already down by 2. A third never attacked. However, we still reset twice even though we were down and won. Aside from catastrophe, there’s no reason not to participate. Opt out or put in the effort. My 2 cents.

We do need an option for leaders to opt people out of war though. I know this has been brought up in other topics. :wink:

It’s really not good to opt in war and then leave after the prep stage. First of all I don’t understand that behaviour when the opportunity to leave an alliance at a better point is available. That said, I don’t support the idea of preventing someone leaving an alliance even if it is just within a short time frame. If they want to go, just let them go. However, I do think it would be a good idea to provide players with the opportunity to give feedback on the reasons why, prior to terminating alliance membership. And I don’t mean just via CHAT

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Still wish you’d stayed. :wink:

This thread seems like the best merge possibility?


Alliance War leaving problem!

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That thread isn’t from #ideas-feature-requests, so despite being a very similar discussion, it’s a little problematic to merge them, unless I also move the other thread. Since it’s from 4 months ago, it felt a little odd to me to move it at this point, which is why I left them separate when this thread was first created.

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You were way too good for me with the heroes I have. I was pants in war and against the strong Titans you faced. So I am focusing on levelling as you kindly suggested and waiting to get better :wink:

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I thought about this as well when it happened to mine… then again, I have seen it happen to the team that we were at war against as well.

The reasoning already given above fits my thoughts: even if they decided to stay, you can’t force them to fight, so either way, you are in the same situation, just with a member still sitting in the room.

And it is not as if they can sabotage you somehow by sticking around if they didn’t want to.

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Immediate deletion of game without notice. :rofl:

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Oh, I totally understand how frustrating it can be when you can’t ding the Titan and war opponents constantly one-shot you. Heck, when I joined this alliance I couldn’t manage 10pts in war or 3000 Titan points per hit…

But I take exception to the notion that you weren’t good enough for us. We are a training alliance. We don’t care what level you are - we’re more interested in cobbling together a group of good people that all try their best - whatever that best is at the moment - and build together a strong team over the long haul.

Now you’ve gone off and joined another alliance - to grow. But because you’re a good guy you’ll likely grow fond of the folks there and not want to leave.

In my mind we didn’t lose a weak player, we lost a strong person.

That said, wish you all the best.


Let’s keep the discussion focused on the idea proposal please :slight_smile: