No points or credit for Monster & Raid Chests

The labels for the top two chests for Monsters / Raids don’t appear over the chests and I don’t get points for winning raids and/or killing monsters. This doesn’t happen all the time, but usually happens when I pay gems to get the chests early. Please check this and give me the points I deserve for winning these events. Thanks, Joe (Ninja) -


Could you perchance show some Screenshots of what you’re meaning?

Regarding the “not counting” part, would it be possible to do a raid or battle & video it? Show the chest count at the start then at the end of the fight?


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I don’t know how to do a video of it, and didn’t track the instances over time. But the labels for the chests are not there and the point count for the last raids (within the last hour) did not change although I won them all.

Unfortunately this is a community forum, we’re all just players like yourself…

Without screenshots and/or video there isn’t really anything we (on the forum) can do to trouble shoot or assist you…

Videos can be made using screen recording apps like Mobizen or DuRecorder etc… Screenshots are easy to do (function of your phone).

Thanks anyway. I thought you had access to dev. But the names are clearly missing from chests. My points must have gone into some unnamed chest/place … into the ether, lol


Clearly to you maybe but not to anyone else :stuck_out_tongue:

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