No points during war is still NOT fixed

During the must recent war, we had a member that wiped two teams worth about 140 points but got zero points, the team was still alive, and his heroes were used up with the flag. I thought this was fixed? Oh, we lost the war by about 70 points. So it matters.

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Yeah we had the same problem also two of our members got attacked after they were already defeated from the opponent’s side and a couple of the other side got extra points and extra Flags that’s not fair

We had the same thing happen.
2 times. To 2 different players. Within 10 minutes.

Especially at a time when you are trying to kill all opponents and get a respawn, with only 3 opponents standing, that is more than annoying.

We said “f… it” … and we lost by approx 900 points. No fun that way.

I do not mind losing to a much stronger opponent. Not at all. But I do mind any chance of catching up a little being ruined by a buggy game. Especially at the worst possible moment.

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