No pleading just bleeding!

BRINGING THE PAIN has a few open spots to fill Are you up to the challenge? We are an active group, that got up to level 10 on the Titian front, currently at level 8 … are you made of the right stuff to get us back to our best and beyond. Bringing the pain has a strong core with original members into their second year. We communicate well within the game while using discord. So come and check us out … if you like it stay, if not move on, you have nothing to lose. Either way you’ll be welcomed with open arms and may make a friend or two. We are a quirky family mainly made up of U.S and U.K.

So what are you waiting for come and see what you’re missing

Good Morning,

We are still looking for new blood, we have moved up to 9* titians but will need new members to advance … can you help BRINGING THE PAIN needs you :point_down:

BTP is growing since i last logged on … but there is still room for YOU. Beginner or Kick backside titian hunter, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. If your looking for a new place to lay your hat then look no further than BRINGING THE PAIN


BRINGING THE PAIN started over a year ago, virtually from scratch. We have all grown from that day.
BTP have lowered our trophies down to zero, so we can attracted new members who are new to the game, looking to grow within an already established alliance. We understand as that’s where we were just over a year ago. Happy to pass on our knowledge, so came a say hello

Unfortunately … maybe down to time zones, I have missed accepting a few people who have gone on to join other alliances. So firstly sorry secondly we have opened the alliance so that won’t happen again … Just click and join … Hope to see you soon :wink:

We are still on the look at BRINGING THE PAIN come join … WE NEED YOU :point_down:

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