No penalty for reseting 1-2*talents

We who actually spent time and effort acting upon that 2* came up as an option in raid tournaments cannot get the the time and effort evaluated and reimbursed due to unwilling developers… …the joke is on us!..

-But what can be done is that the penalty for reseting the talents on 1-2* heroes could be removed so that we atleast dont lose any emblem collecting progress.

I think its to reward those who didnt make the effort to fall for the peer pressure and just remove the 1-2* tournament… and by doing so compensate everybody with 1reset token knowing a full team consists of 5 heroes is a bit on the weak side and makin it feel like its isnt a proper attempt at consolation.

So either removing the penalty, or even better removing the option to talent spec 1-2* with used tokens returned would be a more proper consolation gesture.

(First post was written in affect… so i cleaned it up)

*wanna know how i feel?
-imagine enough people who doesnt have Gravemaker voting on GM being imbalanced and overpowered so that the decides to remove him from the game, and while doing so giving everybody an epic hero token as consolation in the mailbox.
-thats about how i feel…

I elected to not level or emblem any 1-2* heroes as it just wasn’t worth it in my opinion. Although it would not impact me, I would support this idea.

That being said, the tone of your post is not conducive to starting a civil discussion.

There are better and more constructive ways to catch the devs attention than accusing them of pandering and being criminals. The devs have shown they listen to reasonable requests and discussions. You might consider this route next time.


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