No Orichalcum seadragons on the last hours of AR

Hi everyone,
Just want to ask if it was only me not finding any dragons today in the last 3 hours of Atlantis Rises.
I have 43 world energy and used 6 flasks, farmed mostly levels with 3 energy cost (almost 90 levels!).

So, is there any reduced chanche to find them at the end of Atlantis Rises or it was just a big amount of bad luck?

Just luck…they’re random, they come and go. I found a ton of them at the beginning of AR then very few after that.

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Not only you, but also very random, and not reduced for everyone. Sometimes you get them, sometimes you don’t.

it’s really just the last couple of levels of the map that will yield any regularity of sea dragons from my experience. just got to save up those loot tickets and consume them 40-50 at a time.

if you feel like all that work isnt yielding you a good 5* season 2 hero, you’re probably doing it right :confused: I dont think SG wants us freely getting Aeriel.

Thanks everyone for yours feedback!
Just wanted to know if there was something already known about appearance rates in the last hours of AR.
Seems it doesn’t, I will save the few coins I’ll got for the next time Ariel will be featured, hoping for at least a Proteus or Wilbur