No opponents in raids

Already waiting for 2 days now to fill my raid chest.
As far as my Google play shows I am on the most recent version. Forced closing and restarting does not solve it. Not does clearing cache.

Anybody have any other ideas?

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Same here

I had the exact same issue. A few minutes later I was logged into a new account under a new name. I can not get back to my old account.

@Petri said this was solved:

I take it that’s not correct for you?

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Without doing anything myself (no update or such) it started to work again after almost 3 days.
No clue what caused it or helped to solve it.

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Mine mysteriously started working again too.

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I would guess whatever they did must have fixed your problem. Glad it’s working!

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And I am back to no oppenents found.
Had a revenge attack, lost and hit rematch button.
Then got the message that there are no opponents available.
All my revenges are ‘online’ for over 2 hours and for the same time I cannot find a new raid.

So I guess it is not yet fixed.

About 3 hours in I can raid again.
Still no clue what is causing this as it seems to appear at random.

If it hits again, it’s submit a support ticket, identifying the time of occurrence. If there’s a residual bug, that may help them track it down.

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I worked around this by going into the watchtower. The opponent who had a revenge option came up as online and had the option to re-roll. Re-rolled and got an opponent. If you have this issue come up try doing a work around Thru your watch tower.

Same again
Newest available version of game.

Update: reloading the game helped.

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