No opponents available?- SOLVED

Looking to do some raids to finish up my hero chest and keep getting the No Opponents Available error. I have the current version. Is there maintenance going on? I’ve restarted the game numerous times.

They just rolled out an update. You can only raid people using the same version you are, so if you’updated and most of the opponents in your cup range have not, or vice versa, they won’t be available for you to raid


To make things worse, there’s been a delay on the android release of the upgrade, which cuts the pool of potential opponents for upgraded players even further.


I just saw they had another update and after I finished the update, everything is back to normal. I am on Android so I think they are caught up with both O/S.


Hi.i download newest version…and😞…no log in…error.failed to load II2CPP

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When you download a new update, you have to wait for others to ALSO download it to see them in Raids. And vice versa. Usually the first 2-3 days after folks download a new version will see a low number of available matches.

Don’t worry, it will catch back up in a few days. :slight_smile:

For those having issues with the latest version, please contact Game Support:

Hello, you did not think the WAR could be a league system (1st league, 2nd league, 3, league, …) 2 teams progress, fall. Urgent88

This happens very commonly without an update! It has been a glitch around for a very long time, all you have to do to correct it is go to your tower and hit revenge on any option. You do not have to fight it just hitting revenge resets it.

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