No Opponent Available In Raids v21.0.1

sg you need to buy more servers. Your out of bandwidth and its costing money. Real money.

I just purchased 6 raid flags, again, so that i can take the top raid spot and work on new offensive war ideas and now thats impossible.

This is the message i get on a regular basis. This has been on going sll week this week and last week.

I feel you need to right a wrong and award everyone several raid flasks and look at giving us at least 2-3 per week until you decide to buy the servers to handle the load.

If you have no plans of standing behind and supporting your customers while you are out of band width with free raid flasks then at least shut down the sales of all products until you can fix you game.

And yes i have reset, trued other devices a d reloading. This is a bandwidth problem.

Thank you

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