No Opponent Available In Raids v21.0.1


sg you need to buy more servers. Your out of bandwidth and its costing money. Real money.

I just purchased 6 raid flags, again, so that i can take the top raid spot and work on new offensive war ideas and now thats impossible.

This is the message i get on a regular basis. This has been on going sll week this week and last week.

I feel you need to right a wrong and award everyone several raid flasks and look at giving us at least 2-3 per week until you decide to buy the servers to handle the load.

If you have no plans of standing behind and supporting your customers while you are out of band width with free raid flasks then at least shut down the sales of all products until you can fix you game.

And yes i have reset, trued other devices a d reloading. This is a bandwidth problem.

Thank you

Not able to raid
Just so you know it

Oh, and to make matters worse, when i do get raids opened back up i will have dropped down to 2600 trophies or so and have to start back over from scratch. Its really not a fair deal.


How will raid flasks help when all the opponents are offline?


I don’t believe this issue has anything to do with availability of servers.

Are you sure you’re updated to the latest version? They released a minor rev recently.

If you are up to date, that means that the bug they thought was fixed is recurring, so I’m sure it will help them track it down if you submit a support ticket.

You almost certainly know how already, since you’re a long-time here, but just in case, here are the instructions:

@Petri you had marked this issue as solved and closed the relevant thread. This is a possible recurrence.


Wait… hold on. I didnt read the release notes. I knew everyone was complaining about it in war and @Kerridoc personally saw me take a zero over this but i never knew it was addressed. I just let these things go and give people time to fix every day issues until it becomes a problem for a few weeks. Then i get upset. I just checked my phone and even though i updated it the update still shows it needs updated. Im on an iphone so i will just erase the app amd reinstall. I will report back and let you know if it has any more issues

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No sir i lied. My version is current. My ipad didnt load. But my phone is up to date. I will log the time and date and send to the link above so you guys can check my account and all


@Garanwyn i submitted the request. Feel free to Close this topic. I included the platform time pictures etc. and to clarify as you see above im on the new version so
Hopefully they get it working.


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Thanks! Hopefully that will help the devs track down what’s going on. I’m going to leave this open for the moment in case we get other new reports.


Have you tried to open your watchtower and choose any revenge? I had the same problem. As soon as I clicked on an opponent on revenge (you dont need to play the revenge match), you find plenty of raid opponents as usual…


Thats not a good way to get to the top. Revenge is usually for smaller trophy amounts once you hit top 50. You have to keep searching for a new target till you find someone ranked higher. Then when you hit top 10 you just take the 15 points at a time you get from lesser opponents till you hit number one. So revenging in the raid tower would be futile.

So yeah theres a little vanity going with my raiding. But i finally logged in and was able to attack. But i had lost all my progress.

Anyways i hope sg fixes it.

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Closed per OP’s request.

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I had the same thing happen to me now. Used a raid flask and now I’m getting a ‘no opponents found’ message.

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Tired of Servers Not Keeping Up During Midweek Play

image Only receiving a message that there is no player to raid


Can you still use revenge button?

Click revenge button, don’t attack, then go to raid again, then reroll.

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This is happening to so many people in the game right now. It’s been happening to me too, yea there are workarounds but it’s annoying as hell.

No opponents in raids

Happened to me today. I hope this new update fixes it


happened in my alt account too.

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Same issue, although like @yelnats_24 mentioned if I hit a revenge it seems to fix itself

Just so you know it


Happening twice.
Reroll keep bring me on that message, had to select a revenge from the tower to “bypass” it.

Never happen before.