No one's attacking me

I’ve seen some posts, where people complain about being constantly raided, so I have the very opposite issue. I’m NEVER attacked, i have 30-40k iron and food worth taking from me, i varied my defence team from 1 1* to 5 3*, but that doesn’t work. I get attacked only on revenge. Does someone have similar issue? TAKE MY STUFF GODDMIT! :wink:

You will get a lot less attacks if you only have 1 hero in your defense team. How many trophies do you usually have?

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1000-1200 trophies. as i said, i’ve tried 5 3* heroes. Its a lot weaker than average on that cups, still no one wants my resources.

May deoend on whether you updates or not. I didn’t update until forced and barely had any attacks in the last week despite a drop team and climbing up the cups

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You must (for most) have 5 heroes in the defense team or else you aren’t worth the raid energy.

You 5 3* team should generate plenty of interest. I field 2 level 1 4*, 2 level 1 5* and A jacked Perseus (tier 4 level 69) and about 2500 power and get raided all the time. I think the novelty of fighting Quintus, Domitia and Perseus in a winnable battle generates the interest.

You must (for most) have 5 heroes in the defense team or else you aren’t worth the raid energy.

Its about resources isn’t it?

For me it’s about filling the chest. I don’t really raid otherwise. And I rarely have significant resources worth raiding (watchtower 12, raided all the time so that it’s never really above 10k food/iron), so my guess it is more of the same (chest fillers) raiding me.

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You need soap my friend :face_with_monocle:

Tomorrow will be the week, when no one raids me, maybe i should post it in bugs section?

Try a different strategy first. Make sure you use 5 heroes, but vary who you use. Post the results here! :slight_smile:

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this makes me wonder how effective the strategy of leaving 1 hero on your team would be. at higher cups would people bother to raid you? they might want the cups, but are the cups worth the 1 kill for the chest?

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No one attacks at 1000-1200 cups, those people tend to be more casual

When I was at 2200 cups I’d get raided every hour and everyone would revenge, but I dropped cups for recourses and I’ve found that people don’t even revenge

I get raided like crazy as mentioned above between 1000-1300 cups.

sleeper, please tell what composition you use?

I’m not attacked either, on my 2nd account, I have over 1 month, lvl 23, I don’t remember being attacked more than 2, 3 times

Current Team:

From left to right:

Tier 1 Level 1 hu tao
Tier 1 Level 1 Domitia
Tier 4 level 62 Perseus
Tier 1 level 1 Quintus
Tier 1 level 1 Colen

Prior team - still got raided, but not as much (I think that people like the novelty of the team I show - I do win about 1/3 of the time with the team above):

All tier 3 level 50:

Belith, Gan Ju, Valen, Nashgar, Brienne

Both teams have similar power but like I said the team with Perseus gets raided more but wins more as well.

yes they would raid you. You get raid flags after your raid chest fills.

i never noticed getting flags back when your chest fills. i only raid for the sake of filling the chest so i’ll have to look for it. still though, wasting a flag to take out 1 hero would slow down filling the chest anyway, no?

I won’t hit someone with less than 5 when filling my chest. When not filling my chest I would

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ahh, i guess thats the key really. i forget that people raid for fun vs just filling the chest. lol