No one is attacking anymore

At first, a little insight into my accounts.

I’m currently playing on two accounts, one that had a monthly budget (“Had” because i stopped buying anything for now, because i simply don’t feel any enjoyment in pulling for the weekly most OP hero that get’s nerfed within two months or outclassed within two weeks… But that’s a different story) and a f2p account with which i wanted to find Out, how completly f2p would feel but with the knowledge of an experienced Player.

The Thing is, i feel much less frustration with my f2p account, i am happy with 1-3 pulls i get Out of most of the events and i really use and enjoy the few 5* heroes i get. Overall I find myself neglecting my budget account more and more and only playing the f2p account.

But here is the problem, of course my roster isn’t very deep and even though my pulls were pretty lucky from time to time, there aren’t many heroes that are worth mentioning.

Therefore i mostly raid in low Platinum League, within a range of 1800 - 2200 Cups, because i find raiding above 2200 quite tiring with all these fast hit-all OP heroes and if i somehow reach Low Diamond i am done raiding anyway because i don’t have the heroes to fight the totally broken Joves, Annes and all the other ones that obliterate your team within three rounds or less…

Which means I need to drop my cups from time to time to fill my raid chest without Frustration. So Most of the Times i have 4* Team as a def that won’t win any cups but keep me somewhere in Low Platinum.

The Thing is though, the last few weeks i came to notice, that nobody is attacking anymore. I am currently at 2236 cups and i already switched to a 3* def, but Nobody is attacking me.

On the other hand, If i reach Cups above 2800 on my former Main account, my Team get’s destroyed 20 Times within 30 minutes…

Which occures to me, that there are very little people are raiding below p2p/whale Level or that this game is losing it’s Player base very quickly in the last few weeks.

That never happend to me before and i Just wanted to know, If anyone else is experiencing or observing the same?


Not really. I’m playing on low diamond, also with a “cupdropping” 3* defence and I am getting raided 10-15 times a day. Sometimes even my def team wins :wink:
But I quite often see that the attackers are much lower in ranking than me - about mid platinum.
So maybe it is so, that lower level players just select targets to raid where they get many cups, so target in low platinum is either not attractive to them if they can fight on this level, or too strong if they are somewhere in lower arenas?
BTW, while raiding around 2500 level, I rarely see Anne or even Khufu, and I think I never seen Jove…

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I’ve noticed this from time to time. My takeaways:
1 I currently have exactly 1800 cups which ranks me 892K. That’s roughly the same as active players in events. That means there aren’t many players that are active and lower ranked to attack me.
2 Some players hold a bar for food they get per attack. If you constantly collect your watchtower, you’re preventing attacks against yourself.
3 As we have more things to do in game our game time is being taken up that extra raids aren’t prioritized by some
4 POV challenges have an impact. The first day of a POV when you have to get X raid hits, I’ll get hit more. Same if there is a daily challenge.
5 Even when cup dropping, the heroes you use matter. I generally use my heroes I’m leveling. When I have Skadi out there, I get attacked a lot less than if I have a much higher powered C.Kiril.


After reading your post I decided to raid and notice team and cups :rofl:

4 Panther in one team! But was easy with a good yellow mono…

Happy gaming

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I used to cup-drop previously, and had some days with less attacks on me.
But I am in the game quite frequently, and empty the watchtower regularly.

When I was cup-dropping, I would reroll more often then I do now, not due to difficulty of target, but to get a higher ham price, and maybe also a lower cup-number. Wanted to stay between 2400-2800 cups.

So I would often reroll easy opponents if the ham was low,k maybe this is a factor?

Rate of attacking varies all the time. I will go through periods where I get maybe 1-2 attacks a day (sometimes none) followed by days where I am attacked 10 times or more.

I sit low-mid diamond, and don’t bother cup dropping. Some days I cup drop quite effectively by raiding :laughing:. I also only raid to fill the chest, and that is mainly to fill the quota for the next elemental (and marginally less garbage rewards). I am always in need of ham so I empty my watchtower regularly. It often has iron left in it though.

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OK, so maybe i have to do some Cup dropping myself then. Should be no probem, Just reached above 2300 Cups. 6-8 Flags and i should be fine again :wink:

Good to hear, that this might just be normal for some time.

I’ll give it a try with a little more watchtower ham as bait AS Well, thanks for the tip

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Right there with you! Hard to get excited about new heros falling out of the portals so fast they’re outclassed before they can be fully leveled…lol

As far as raids I have noticed the same fluctuations & that sometimes I don’t have a single raid and other times I’ve been completely destroyed by what feels like an entire 30 peep alliance of teams :flushed:
As far as retaliation goes if I can’t get enough cups back for my time I skip the revenge battles. I haven’t fallen for “cup droppig teams” in raids since I was a little newbie :upside_down_face:

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So I had a little time and looked for more opponents. The last ones I rerolled because I was out of flags…

And a few more…

It looks like you need around 2800 cups to get the real Op teams…

If you are below 2700 a few rerolls and you should be ok.

Happy gaming

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I hang out in very high platinum/low diamond (2300-2500 cups) and still get attacked fairly often. I do also get more attacks to revenge on weekends, while weekdays can be a bit quieter.

like you, whenever I rise to like 2650+ cups I quickly get destroyed and beat down. I set a weak defense to avoid rising that high as much as possible! (raids should be fun, or at least not mind-bendingly frustrating!)

and same, at 2500 level I see very few Anne, relatively more Khufu but not like every team, and I haven’t fought a Jove yet.

I think we have some kind of cup inflation here, as the newer people come to the game and bring new cups with them and at the same time old players leave game leaving their cups to the others. So the arena thresholds are becoming easier to reach.
When I started the game the top players had around 2800 cups. Now the top is much above 3K…

I May have fought more Annes and Joves in some Tournaments. Maybe i mixed that, but i definitley reroll If i See them. Makes No sense for me to fight against these Teams …

Well, it’s still a bit over 2300 Cups for today, so my now 3* only def is holding pretty good :wink:

Lets See what the night will bring. Hopefully a fun raid day below 2000 Cups :slight_smile:

If I see someone with a low team rating but a high level I just skip them. I assume they are just looking to get that cup imbalance thing in the revenge raid. I usually raid folks within 2-3 levels of me with a similar raid level that way even if they do beat me in revenge the cup disparity isn’t huge. I’d rather +/-2-3 cups than 40

I have zero interest in playing a destroyed game mode. Raids and tournaments are unbearable.

Fighting the same 15 OP heroes over and over hoping for a decent board? I’ll pass. No thanks.

Not mentioning mediocre loot for that.

Not mentioning teams filled with 2, 3 and 4 copies of absurdly overpowered heroes like C. Panther. Jove. Tinsel. Rhys.

These heroes being out there in multiples and being immune to nerf is just a joke that makes the game less and less enjoyable and impossible to be taken serious.

People just keep exploiting these “flaws” almost as a bug since the game balance is undeniably broken.

People will keep stop playing, can’t blame them since the game simply got BAD. Too bad all they care is squish all the money they can before it collapse.

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I’ve been getting a lot fewer raid attacks the past few weeks, even though I haven’t changed my defense lineup for a couple of months (Master Lepus, Quenell, Nyx, Kulervo, Esme). I’m around 2600-2700 cups, depending how good or crappy my raid results are, but I’m mostly just facing revenge raids. Kind of weird, since prior to New Year’s I was getting hit all the time.

I agree. I stopped playing raids years ago.
Play 6 games to win one or maybe two games… meh, not my idea of fun… dropped it and never missed it.

I am raiding between 2200 to 2600cups, with making ascending heroes as my defense team.

Luckily still can get enough teams to counter back.

I will have to get deeper roster for higher target. And if I can enough good teams, then I’ll fielded in max 5* team as defense.

Happy gaming.

As I showed above, if you stay below 2700 cups you will not met many of the op heroes/teams.
Not raiding deprives you from a valid source of food, emblems and other loot.

Happy gaming

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