No one has attacked me in the raids tournament

I have just started on day 2 in the raids tournament and haven’t been attacked one time. I have won all my raid attacks except one. Loosing a lot of points in this tournament by not being raided by others.

I’m sorry Ral, you are experiencing what many many people had experienced in these tournaments since these tournaments started, frustation for not being attacked.

The reason could be that no one found your defense team or that someone found your team but didn’t decide to attack yet. We can’t know the reason either.

There is nothing you can do but to sit and wait to be attacked.

Seems I can reply to a post, but I don’t see any button to create a new post. I came here to report a bug with the game chat.

Hi @Rubicksman and welcome to the forum.
You can’t create a new thread until you reach certain reputation level.
What exactly is the bug you’d like to report?

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In the game chat, our alliance is set to English and somebody was trying to type 44, 55 but it gets censored. I googled it to see if there was some obscure meaning that might explain the censoring, but got nothing. I’m sure the devs would love to get to the bottom of this mystery.

It’s been reported in a separate thread:

In every raid tournament so far I either get barely attacked or deluged with attacks. It is very frustrating. I’ve had one so far this one. Last tournament I think was over 30.

Noone attack me also. Always gets lowest rank because noone attacks. No defence score pleasse fix it

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If no one attacks you get C grade which is middle-of-the-road rank. If one attacks and you lose you get E grade which is lowest.


Not getting attacked is better than getting attacked once and losing so you get E grade for a couple days straight.

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