No one can see my messages,after few minutes they dissapear.i have not received any letter of being banned

How very odd! Have you done the usual troubleshooting?

  • OS is latest update
  • Game is latest update
  • Device turned off/on?

If you’re still having issues, I’d contact Game Support:

Frick that.i already did that and no one helped getting very angry with this game empires and retards…wu kong seems like butt now.he misses alot more.alliance war isnt fair.Random people keep raiding me like 10 times in 10 minutes and u guys cant help me at all! Ive been asking for help for WEEEKS!!! I went of your facebook page.i went and sumbit a request from support.i went here and posted my problem a few times and not even one staff replied to me.

You have been given an answer to where to seek help. No one is going to discuss your problems with you on this forum because that requires you giving out your private information (your game account and other information). The only way of contacting the game people is through support (Rook gave you a link). Support contacts you via the e-mail address you give them when you contact them. Please stop spamming the forum, no one is going to give you any answers here.

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