No. of new heroes in 2021


Now that probably the last heroes for this heroes were launched in Beta, does anyone have a statistic how many heroes (including costumes) were launched this year compared to last year?

I am curious of the game evolution from this point of view, as I just see one more confirmation of @BlackZed 's predictions on the future of the game


@JekylandHyde said it in a recent video but I don’t remember the exact number.

Went through Goat for lists. For this year:

In order of 3-4-5*:

LoV 2-2-6
Starfall 3-3-6
Slayers 2-3-5
ToM 2-3-5
CoK 2-2-4
NT (beta/Nov) 0-0-3
ToL Beta/C 0-0-3
RTM C 0-1-3
Sands C 0-0-2
Xmas Beta/C/N 0-0-4
S4 5-5-12
HOTM 0-0-12

Total so far 16-19-65
Ave pm = 1.33 - 1.58 - 5.33

Definitely a blockbuster year this year


Do you happen to have any figures for previous years?

LE I now saw you included also the upcoming heroes, didn’t pay enough attention :slight_smile:

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Please vote on them if you haven’t already.
@Petri any chance of the staff revisiting these threads?


For 2020, the list is definitely shorter :

HOTM 0-0-12
Avalon 0-0-1
Pirates 0-0-1
Sands 0-0-1
Springvale 1-1-2
RTM 1-1-2
Xmas 1-1-1
Riddles 0-0-1 (?)
Fables 0-0-1 (?)
S3 10-10-18 (incl Salmon n Thor: 2021)
S1 C 9-10-6

Total 22-23-46
Ave per mth = 1.8 - 1.91- 3.83

I may have confused the release dates for some of the heroes, but 2020 was definitely less exciting hero-release-wise.

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There should be a few more S1 Costume releases in 2020/2021.


Just put together 2020.

I can’t do 2019 cos I only started in April 2019. Was muddling through most of 2019.


RTM saw the release of the 4* Frank and Springvale was 3* Chick Jr, 4* Woolerton and 5*s Killhare and Roostley.

Oh, and 3* Jack for RTM.


Thanks a lot @BlackZed , these figures are indeed very relevant. I think in the beginning of this year they also launched the last round of costumes for S1. I am looking them up for the exact date and numbers right now.

There should be some S1 costumes in 2020 as well

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Done. Edited my post. Thank you

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25 costumes for S1 heroes in Jan 2021: 9 3* - 10 4* - 6 5*

Yes. Correct. I can’t recall that. Or the progression of release.

Think the number should be more or less less than 2021.

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Made this spreadsheet for tile damage and special skill purposes - so expect minor mistakes. But it should give a good idea.
Blank year above contains old seasonal event heroes and event heroes. I have no idea when they were released (like Guinevere or Queen of Hearts, Master Lepus…). I classified S1 and S2 as BC - also no idea of release date :upside_down_face:
2017 and 18 are HOTMs. 2019 start of costumes and new event heroes. 2020 cosumtes, new event heroes, seasonal event heroes, S3… on and oooooooon


Ok, that’s why I feel broken and discouraged to keep the pace. :joy:


League of Villains has 6 x 5* heroes (Toxi, Crystalis, Dark Lord, Asterius, Karnov, Isrod) so add 1 more to that list!


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