No notifications on new adventurer kits

I don’t think I’m getting notifications on newly acquired adventurers kit

Not that I need it but FYI lol

Where do you miss them?
The red number in Materials does never show this for lower items. But you should see a number when checking the item itselves.

Could you please clear it with a screen where you think you miss it?

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Low level items are never shown in the new acquired material counters. The same happens with the Recent Activity log. The only time you will get a notification for a new adventure kit is when you had none, and just acquired one. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry I thought you got notifications on all new items. My bad I didn’t know, thanks!


Yes, you only get notifications for 3* (Rare) and 4* (Epic) items.


Just adding a link to this, which addressed the same issue: New Item Indicator in Inventory Not Showing for Most Items, While Working for Some [SOLVED: Working as Designed] [Developer Response in Post #13]


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