No New Update but Can't Revenge Due to Different Version

Is it a bug or do I miss something?

There’s apparently a new update for Android already.


I have to say… it’d be kinda nice if the servers could tell the difference in the client between Version X and Version X.1 and adjust the rules for raid accordingly, to avoid this entire issue. Typically, the effects only last 3 days every month or so, which is a very small window to exploit the raid engine. As it stands in the game right now, that’s a blip in the eye of the Top 100 Leaderboard, and isn’t even accounted for in War preparations. (Anyone ever get prevented from a war match-up due to the enemy being on a previous version?)

I’d like to see this permanently solved, and really think it can be, so that the message no longer is a regularly “scheduled” bug report. SG: y’all have no permanent bonus to people who reach the leadership boards, so why let this gnat on the windshield continue to annoy your players?

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