No new recruits needed

Rhapsody of Destruction

we are an alliance of friendly and supportive players Now hitting 10-11* titans.

We are looking for active players who want to join our strong, strategy oriented and global alliance. Our team mates are from all over the world. Time zone differences are not a problem.

All we ask…

If opted in for war use all flags

6 x war ready teams at + 2400 TP each

smash the titan regularly

minimum 2000 trophies

We use Line app

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate send a reply and we will get back to you or hit me on Line: humongous_dancer

This is an encouraging, fun and active alliance to be a part of.
Check them out :wink:

dispatched of this pretty queen rather easily. I need 2 more to join in on the fun

I’m still looking for 2 players. I know everyone is war’ing but if ur not or thinking about a change afterwards. give us a look. hit me on Line: humongous_dancer

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I am looking for a new alliance.
I am at level 43 and playing since September 2018.
I have 20 fully leveled 4* and about 10 4* at 3-60 and 20 3* maxed.

My best team is at 3616 TP.

if ur cups are at 2k. knock on the door and I’ll be there to greet u. looking forward to u joining. do u use Line?

On Sunday , my current alliance war chest will be full. I’ll be bale to join on Monday after getting war chest, if it is not problem for you.
By the way what is your Alliance full name.

that makes complete sense and were cool w that. our alliance name is "Rhapsody of Destruction "

So, see you on Monday :slight_smile:

My team name is same with my forum name “rapcoon”.
Just for the info , normally my cups around 2100-2500, but to fill my hero chest i usually use weak defense team.

I’ll update my banner and reserve your spot!!! have a good war this weekend and look forward to seeing u after

Thank you and see you :+1:

I’ve just created Line account : My name is Rapcoon there.

@Humongous_Dancer has a wealth of in-game knowledge - in fact that’s most of the alliance.

@Chris30osu give us a look. hope to hear from you

Hi again,

One of my alliance partners could be interested in join .

@Bonecrusher if you are interested in, it could be fun again in a same alliance.
I’ll join on Monday after our last war points.

that could definitely work. I was looking for you on Line but couldn’t find you. can you look me up and add me humongous_dancer

I am not familiar with Line. I’ve just created my account. As i mentioned my Display name is Rapcoon at Line. But i could not set my Line Id. Actually i download and setup it on my PC. I didn’t download it on my mobile phone. I also search your name and could not find :slightly_frowning_face:

it’s all good. we will figure it out when you join team. and let bonecrusher know their welcomed to jump on board too.

Thanks, probably looks like Monday will be a good time join your alliance

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good hard fought victory by the team…


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