No new green 5* but a dupe Lianna

In the absence of Kadilen or Elkanen, and with Horghall at 3-70 is a dupe Lianna worth it?

I have 19 tonics to burn

Or shall I wait for my luck to get better…


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Yes. Lianna

20 characters


Ah, dear @FrenziedEye, you have luck in abundance :grin:

Another Liana sounds fearsome. Maybe the costume will waft your way too :running_shirt_with_sash::martial_arts_uniform:


Here’s what you might consider. If you got the other tc20 greens would you level them instead of dupe lianna?
Also her costume is very nice but as they’re not here and may change it could be nice if you got that costume though that’s a long shot
Aside from tc heros there are nice greens but you have enough tonics that if you did Max lianna dupe you’d still have enough to max two more greens.
From your posts I know you played a lot and I’m at same point. I have 2 Joon dupes and could use them or a first Justice. Same with magni I have dupe but could finish isarnia or first Richard and I need a paladin(Justice is other option).

As I read the ha thread I see many have an issue like mine and I’m very c2p. Used to have vip and bought gems cheap but last 7 months was ftp though I just bought the Halloween and winter vip deal.
I have all the tc 4s and all the good 5s except sartana and marjana. I’m also missing leo, elk, quintus, azlar, Thorne but only would level leo and elk. If ha doesn’t let us convert it’s end game as leveling dupes is boring

For you lianna is nice but like I said I would wait to see how costumes return though odds are slim of getting one specific one. Horghall isn’t an option really and I like and use kadilen with lianna on occasion be t there are many great greens I’d rather have.

Mn, Alby, Eve, zeline, Morgan, etc. I’d love but lianna is great though as a second idk how much she’s needed. What’s rest of your 5 roster look like? Also other than tc how often do you summon? Like I asked above those questions would help decide if second one would be ok. But at worst you have 2 and could still max 2 more greens which is a lot with the drop rate in the game.

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I maxed a dupe Lianna, even with Elk and Kad as choices, and I don’t regret it one bit!


This was my primary mono green team for a long time - it had over a 95 percent win rate. One Lianna has been replaced by Kingston and all three Lianna’s have been costumed, but in my opinion more Lianna’s are better than the other green heroes you named


Maybe mono Lianna some day :sunglasses:


Thanks guys very helpful

Thanks @Obsidian I will show you my roster shortly

No real new heroes to lvl up

19 tonics? Yeah.

It’s time.

I mean, if you wanted to Elk and Kad you still could if they both showed up tomorrow, even if you’d already done Lianna.

I’m getting to this point, too. Not having any luck getting new blues or greens, so I’m about to do Magni x2 and Lianna x2.

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That’s a pretty damned intimidating mono stack Halifax. I can see why that’d be a 95% roll.

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Looking at roster plus the abundance of tonics looks like lianna 2 will be fine. You can still do 2 more even with her and given the drought you might as well use her. It’s not like a second quintus, it’s lianna. Even without costume she is great.

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Thanks @Halifax, @Gallowspider and @Obsidian

@FrenziedEye I would guess there is a WHOLE lot worse than her to dupe. YES take #2 up.

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