No Mystic Vision on Apple iPhone/iPad (Possibly Related to iOS 13) — Please Contact Support [MASTER]

Mystic Vision has had a red X on it ever since upgrading to ios13 on my iphone 8. It responds “you have exhausted your mystic visions for the time being” full time. I have tried on and off wifi. Nothing has changed about my network environment.

Update: still 100% uptime for the red x on Mystic vision. I have not been able to use it once since upgrading to ios13. I am on my normal home network environment where I do most of my gaming (and everything else works fine).

Could you #contact-support so we can investigate this further?

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Dear admin… Help mee… My game account cannot be opened

I have now done so, thank you.

It’s been 6 hours and Mystic Vision won’t load videos. I don’t get a message telling me “videos are not available”. Nothing happens when I attempt to use MV

Hi @Cristobal, welcome back to the Forum!

Can you please contact Support so they can investigate?

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