No more war announcements?

For the last few days (or two wars at least)I didn’t get the usual ‘war is coming, prep your team’ message. Which is a bit sh*t as I really need to move a couple of my heroes around. I checked earlier today, nothing was happening amd I couldn’t change my team and before I knew it I got the ‘war started your team needs you’ message. Is it just me or a global thing?

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There’s usually a whole day after matchmaking to adjust your war defense, before war starts. I don’t think that has changed :thinking:.

Is that a message from your alliance leaders?! Idk :woman_shrugging:

I think this is a push message from the app, but I blocked them the same day they appeared. :laughing:

However, @Scruffy wars are starting on Wednesday and Saturday, the matchmaking one day earlier, week by week, month by month, again and again. So it should be no surprise…

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You probably missed it in your alliance chat.
It always appears for us.

An easy way to remind your team players to prep their teams is through the in-chat banner. As a leader, I do it every time for my alliance in case they need to do changes to their war defense teams before the war starts. :woman_shrugging:

You need to enable your in game notifications to get them. :wink:


Well… I didn’t know that. Why start now lol.
Thank you @Magnifique :hugs:


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