No more very slow mana

The fact that ursena is average and boss wolf and the owl are very slow just doesnt make any sense to me at all. With the characters she has flanking her now there is no reason at all for any character to remain very slow. The owl and bosswolf are great counters to ursena one would think but neither ever get a chance to use there special against her with her average and their very slow.

With all the very fast heroes in the game they could have lessened some of the damage from these two heroes rather than make them very slow. Ursena with high emblems being flanked by very fast heroes is forcing people to color stack and then pray for gems and that should not be the case being that two good counters to her just need their speed adjusted.

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Don’t forget Owl’s stats are exactly opposite to what his special skill needs. He’s a hero that is a natural wing and should punish the enemy for not taking him down soon enough. He’s the last resort nuclear weapon when everything else failed.

But with his attack stat he is a tickling joke. His stat distribution and secondary effects are tank-like while he can not be a tank ever. That together with his mana speed makes him useless.

He should have 700+ (maybe 750+) attack at the cost of his durability. His secondary effect would make up for it. He should be the guy competing for attention with the tank because if you take down tank and flanks but not him - you are a goner. Like Mother North or Alby.

Can’t say about Wolf as I don’t have him and fought him maybe 5-10 times.

My point is - very slow isn’t necessarily bad, but need to be balanced perfectly. Hero must be powerful to have that mana. Can’t be mediocre/non impacting/counterable by simple dispell or cleanse.


There should not be any 5 star heroes that are just not usable at all especially ones that came from events or atlantis yet Atomos, Mok Arr , Boss wolf and Owl are some of the most least seen heroes In the game. Iij ha e seen some recently I the tournaments when its very fast and some people have a really tough time countering them just because they never face them hardly if ever.

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If you get rid of “very slow” wouldn’t you have to get rid of “very fast”? For every yin there is a yang. Wouldn’t pairing Grazul with Owl or Boss Wolf help keep them alive until they fired? I get that you don’t always have the perfect heroes to place next to one another. Also, if you’re using these very slow heroes anywhere outside of raiding you can craft super mana pots that immediately charge their special skill. So the very slow heroes might not be worth much the way you’re using them. I think it adds to the strategy aspect of this game.


There are only 2 very slow in the whole game so changing them to at least slow would not be game breaking in anyway but I would support all the heroes being fast average or slow with very fast and very slow removed. I should be limited to using a hero only in one part of the game by a factor that should not exist.

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I would rather like to see more “very slow” heroes (and also one or two trainable “very fast” heroes). As it is now Owl and Bosswolf are oddities. However, I think that five different mana speeds mean more strategic options than four or only three (if there was no “very fast”).

One important reason why you don’t see many Owls and Bosswolfs is that 5* event heroes are among the hardest heroes to get. The vast majority of us has neither the one nor the other. Those players who have them are probably mostly big spenders who have a lot of other 5* hero options…


I will say that Bosswolf has been my tank for over a year to good effect. In fact, SG said he was one of the most effective tanks. The Very Slow hurts a bit, mana troops and Ariel help a lot.


I have boss wolf no Ariel though and troops are the hardest most expensive thing to level in game. There is no reason at this point either of them remain very slow

Guardian Owl & Boss Wolf – Very Slow

Vlad, Valeria, Guardian Jackal, Gravemaker, Victor, Kageburado, Margaret – Very Fast

I don’t think it’s balanced, but I don’t think more very slow is the answer.


I guess my point was (which I oddly did not type) was that— if Boss was already considered one of the best tanks by the numbers run by SG… imagine how much stronger he would be if he were changed to “Slow.”

Of course if they made that change and altered his stats unfavorably, he would just be a waste.

Guardian Owl & Atomos, on the other hand… terrible for anything except rush tourney. (Although I do like Guardian Owl)

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Isn’t there a thread about how pairing Boss Wolf and Guin in beta was too powerful? That’s probably why he was put to very slow. I never said more very slow heroes. 3 that @PeachyKeen mentioned are only available once a year(Halloween event). Just by shear numbers it isn’t a balanced very fast vs very slow full roster of heroes. But these 9 total heroes are so incredibly difficult for everyone to get. So the idea is changing 2 of the 9 total very fast/very slow heroes which is 22% - which is small. It’s hard to justify changing 2 of 195 total heroes.

Maybe earlier in the game but there were no very fast back when those numbers were ran. He is the least seen tank in the game and I have fought some.rough teams. When I run against him it’s usually someone with +30 troops so yeah of course he is rough but times have change and very slow needs to go.

This is the highest team I have run against since the emblems have come out. The results were a travesty with almost any team I tried to run. Ursena should not be average if these guys are very slow. Especially with the power creep on. we heroes black knight is a monster at tank as is kunchen and a few others having 2 of 195 heroes very slow.makes absolutely no sense

I think that Guardian Owl & Boss Wolf are Very Slow for a reason: in particular for Guardian Owl his talent rely in the fact that it activates late when some o his friends are just dead so that he can “punish” the enemies more heavily.
Boss Wolf… I dont know, maybe he could be adjusted since he is a tank and stands on the first line and need to activate before he dies :sweat_smile:

I agree with this @DoctorStrange but SG deliberately do this to make some heroes more coveted than others, incentivising people to pay up for a small chance of the good heroes

That’s their business model and while I strongly disagree with the practice (it relates to lootboxes) I don’t foresee they will jump on board for obvious commercial reasons

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It’s already bad enough that it’s hard to pull 5 stars for people especially FTP but to have an added slap in the face of receiving one that is almost useless??? they have constantly stats changed heroes recently before release nk resonant all these two heroes stats coildnt be changed to at least bring then to slow. This should have been addressed in the last balancing patch. How these two were just ignored is a travesty


This lady, I think, was here long before we both were and I can’t find her post but she definitely said the same thing: that it was annoying that some one could finally luck out on a 5* but get a horrible hero eg Quintus

Nothing has changed man, it’s just business

I mean look at the likes of her farewell post, devs don’t care

That dude is hard to beat for most people even p2w. There is 4-5 teams that are super tough out there… we could probably name them if we wanted too. I’m not sure it’s a valid argument to say c2w or f2p can never compete when most these killer teams are owned by very high level players ( talking 70+) who have top level troops. I’d like to see a f2p or c2p level 70+ say there opinion ( more realistic comparison)

Even so look at the stats of ursena versus the stats of boss wolf. Do the same for black knight and gaurdian owl then look at there mana speeds. No way with those stats SG can make sense of these two heroes still being very slow. If you put boss wolf in a raid now as your tank unless u mono stack he never gets his special off before half your team is dead and he is supposed to be a tank, that literally makes no sense at all. forcing people to stack to use a hero is garbage.

Yeah , can’t say I disagree that very slow heroes are useless other then the tourney that makes them very fast. They have to make them tankier or slow for sure.

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