No more Tanks! Or all Tanks! (Cheshire Cat and Defense)

Actually my greens suck but i rarely have to stack greens in war, 2 at most for a blue flank.

My 3 typically consist of purple, blue, red, or yellow. Most threatening blues i face are alasie or misandra but both are wing heros and i dont do cleanup.

Another downfall of gobbler, there are no blue minion heros but a lot of graves. If gobbler was purple then yes i’d use him more. But minion tank i face the most is delilah. 2nd is MN in a corner. 3rd is Santa in raids. Green isnt a strong color against any of those.

I’d probly roll with LJ and his AoE skill that would kill a lot of minions anyways and even if he dies the tile damage is still there.

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Sorry guys, but what is QoH and AoE?

QoH = Queen of Hearts
AoE = Area of Effect attack (think Zeline or Grimm hitting multiple heroes)


Grimm is not really AoE. More skittleskull and azlar. But the definition provides is correct.

When I think AoE, I think those that hit 5, not 3.

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Now I know I’m out of the ordinary here… I did 1x 10-pull and got 3 Cheshire Cats! :slight_smile:


I think both usages are pretty common. Here’s what the Fictionary says:

But I can definitely see why you might prefer “hits 5” to “hits 3” :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, ofc but wouldn’t you rather go with Tib and two other purple in a 2/3 manner to blow her up instead of switching some places and possibly mess up everything because you have 3 purple in your team but guin is on the far left corner?
That’s the thought I came up with.

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No because he’s fast mana with similar stats to tibs and whether i’m stacked purple or not, i’d rather face any other hero at tank than guin in wars. Plus she will most likely have the fullest mana since starting in tank position at average mana speed over other heros besides grave but unless you’re facing double graves or grave kage(somewhat common for me in raids but not wars) then i see more reward than risk

Maxing chesh now, will test tomorrow in at least 1 war team(2 if i can max the 2nd by then)

Will let you know how it goes

And again this is all just my 2 cents. I could be absolutely wrong since i have yet to actually use him


I dont think its off-topic to say … please neuter or spay your cats!


Okay! I like your ideas and enthusiasm! :face_with_monocle:
Good luck on the field, looking forward to the results!


Just glad i have something to blame a faceplant on if it happens

Apology speech already prepared

“Sorry team, was testing heros for @N.o.X in the forum”

If you get any hate mail over it, well i’ll write another apology lol jk


Hahahaha :rofl:
Just blame me, SG, RNG or even lag! Go for it!


Multiple scapegoats! I like it lol

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So far, Cheshire has added more frustration to my raids than value.

Even on a victory, I’m like…I didn’t need him and the shuffle did nothing but almost cause an issue.

On a loss, I’m like…I really did this to myself, why did I use his special?

I killed Guin, yay. Hits special. Now defeat your new tank, GM! Awwwwww


Are you making fun of Cup Droppers :thinking:

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I think she is lol

From now on posts need to be Cup Drop sensitive


I’m going to consider all fast strikers that aren’t particularly reliant on buffs (thanks Hatter).

Basically 5 hammers looking for nails.

Or just @Jedon sensitive. I’ll just blink my big gryph eyes at him.

But no, i was not making fun of cup dropping! I do it myself! I think he would be a fun little hero to put in on flank and mess with teams. Cause people are so used to the placement of their heroes that they could be thrown off. Much fun!!


in certain situations of course. my alliance is unbalanced, we are from 1800tp to 3600tp. if for example a full leveled kiril remains with healing or arrows, my teammates under 2000tp often get a zero, if they get him out of the corner it´s easier to get him with tiles. very situational, i liked the cat at the beginning, thought he could be a gamechanger, the more i think about his usage, the more i see he´s just a joke, but a pretty one!

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Some poeple like to have a bunch of heros to lvl up. just a little above average

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