No more Tanks! Or all Tanks! (Cheshire Cat and Defense)

Might be just me but its been bugging me all day. Cheshire Cat’s reshuffle is good for aw and raiding, yes? What about defending? Ive been playing nearly 12 months and havent been able to accend my 5*s, all of them at my level are potential Tanks, but whats the point when they now can be moved around! Feed back would be appreciated thanks.

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Cheshire cat make this game more interesting and more dynamic. People fed up with the same tank and feel kinda monotone when u always face guin or GM tank in raids. So the availabilty of CC will spark up the enjoyment and raise the unpredictable factor. Personally i love it.

For defending purpose, now people should thinking hard to levelup 5 hero that has tanky stats and fast mana in order to prevent CC from breaking the defense. Example U can use all 5 sniper from TC20 (marjana, joon, sartana, lianna, magni) since those 5 heroes are tanky and fast mana.

NB: chesire cat only be used on offenser side. He isn’t suitable to put as a defense team


The cat is still an event hero. Won’t be super common. Plus his special can’t just go off. He needs to power it up.


Tile damage is still the number 1 way to kill tanks, Cat or no Cat. And tanks who punish people for hitting them with tiles are still going to be very important.

Cheshire Cat’s ability, to my eye, is really plan B for dealing with a tank, not plan A. So keep working on your tank. You’ll be glad to have a solid tank in your defense.

What the Cat probably does do, however, is make Justice incrementally worse. Slow mana and yellow is just asking to get rearranged.


I don’t personally think Cheshire Cat will be much use on defense, since the order of the attacking team isn’t super important. As far as offense goes, I believe he’ll be fun to play with and could prove very useful, but I don’t see his skill being a game-changer.

Plus, he shouldn’t be all that common.


Thanks for that, had a one track mind lol. Definitely gana make the game interesting!

Sorry about that Zephyr1, still trying to find my way around here.

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I got one. But, i again am guilty of spending my fair share of money. It’s addicting to do pulls and get new heroes though! I’ve spent my budget for this month with this one. I saved enough gems to do one more 10 pull at some point this month.
I have a few purple projects ahead of him, but i am interested in how he does in wars.
I probably won’t use him on defense though. Maybe in a cup dropping team for humor though.


Yep, not common at all :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Look at how many heroes you have. You don’t represent the average player in my opinion.


He was my main target for pulls. You can look at my avatar and guess why.

I see 2 roles for him.

Alliance Wars - I’m typically running mono 100%. However, I can see adding him to say,my yellow team, when facing a field of Guin tanks. He is fast so could be worth it

Yellow Titans - Anchor just said he won’t be so great for titans, but I strongly disagree. Purple def down choices are Tibs, Kunchen and Cheshire. The first 2 are average and slow and give 34% def down. Cheshire is fast with a 44% down. This gives him more synergy with other purples like Panther and Kage.

I can see an argument for Kunchen on 12* and higher, but I believe he easily takes over Tibs who has been the standard forever.


I pulled him as well, and I am also guilty of throwing more than a few pennies at the game when new heroes become available. :grin:

Collecting new heroes is the most fun part of the game for me! I’m excited to get him leveled up enough to really test him out. I held off maxing out Merlin in hopes that I could bag the Cat, so we’ll soon see which one is worthy.

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Common in this respect fits slightly on per player basis, not one player with many…


Looks like you do a lot of pulls/did a lot this last summons event.


To be fair, it looks like you did around 120+ pulls to get that many Cheshires…

Edit: That’s no where near the average player (imo)


While the Ccat is fast it could still be charged after the former tank would take a little from casting and by swapping his position he could possibly placed in the rear, where he could recover from the damage taken with healer’s aid.

And defenses runs many fast heroes, ready to swap position with the tank… even a Magni/flank could become a problematic tank if he would start with 60% mana.

He could be helpful on 4* attacks like against Kashhrek but It’ll not be my first choice on attacking 5* defenses, Id say.


Did quite a few pulls to be sure

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Can’t say it better then @Garanwyn, and i add something more.

As tile damage is the main source to hurt a tank, by the time you have charged your cat you actually DON’T WANT to shuffle the opposite team and risk to have another full health tank.

So the cat is good if you gonna plan to charge him sending tiles to another hero and not the tank, against a not yellow tank (but the outcome is umpredictable) or just use him for tile damage as always.


Thats a good point, waist the tank reshuffle and have one put back in front of you, lol im back to loving this game


One member of my alliance has already found a nice little weakness with Cheshire to exploit during the event.

He was using Boril in a flank position, fired his counter attack special allowing Boril to cover himself, the centre hero and left corner hero…

Cheshire then used his special and Boril was switched to the right hand side where he promptly charged his special up and then covered the other 2 heroes with counterattack too so all 5 members were buffed with counterattack :slight_smile:


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