No more spending for me

I spent over 1000 usd trying to get telluria. But I didn’t get her. I was spending massive amounts of money on this game. Since I didn’t get telly I have stopped spending completely. I think small giant was very short sighted when they brought telly out. I will never spend another cent on this game, and probably quit altogether. Have any of you ceased spending since the game became all about telly flanked by vela and gravemaker over and over and over… It’s boring now, why would I spend money on this game?

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I am C2P, stop spending completely in June.
I understand your frustration, but believe me, Telly era will end and there will be a new hero or a set of new heroes that finally replace GTV. It all happened in the past.

Please visit this thread also where players vow to stop spending.



March was when Telluria was the hero of the month. I lament you spending over US$1,000.00 without getting the pixels you want. I just wondered why it took you 5 months for this thread of yours to be made here?

With regards to several players who stopped spending, you are not alone. Kindly visit the thread @angkritr directed. Anyway, if you will be quitting soon, please make a last-ditch effort signifying it here: Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]. Thank you.


I hear your frustration. But to be honest, I have cut down on my spending quite considerably Not because of Telluria or G/T/V etc but because of the number of heroes currently sat in my roster. And the amount of costumes I have - all unlevelled.
I now only pay for VIP and POV and occasionally the 99p gems offers.
I have taken the view that you need to play with what you got if you are F2P or C2P.
And it’s working, I just got my first Sartana from TC20 after over 2 years of playing
So I am now ploughing through maxing my heroes and it’s going to take me a couple of years at least. By which time I will probably have moved on from this game


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I need to cut the cord and stop all spending, even POV.

Honestly, if I could figure out a way for myself to just stop playing, I would.

I just can’t bring myself to eat all my hard work and waste all that money.


look at it as your first apartment. You spent that money to learn and get your credit up. With the wisdom you ha e gained from.dealing with such a bad system when u move to a new one you have patience thats those people could only dream of. A guy spent 1 grand in one event here. In 5 months I have yet to even spend a total of 100 usd and all spending had been by choice as the refreshing feel of being ftp/ctp yet reaping rewards equivalent to whales with work versus spending is just simply refreshing. Events are random and last two weeks, multiple banners to spin on are up simultaneously, and the best part is once a hero has been featured it becomes a member of the general pool of heroes and you have a chance at summoning them at anytime. After 5 months no spending on e and p I feel that hold of what I spent fading away as I actuay enjoy the game in all aspects. Pvp is a little tougher because u cannot see opponent before match starts but with free practice rooms and winnings for placing given out weekly it never grows old.

I’m so poor I can’t even imagine 1000 usd of mine inside SGG pockets. Ouch, I’m sorry.


Hi there. I was a long time player and stopped playing earlier in the year. Between this, and a couple of other games, I wracked up around $8000 in debt. It took a lot for me to break out of the habit and cycle these types of games get you into; from the outset, they are designed to promote addiction and enticement to play and spend in a never ending cycle.

I am currently working on studying the process of design for gacha games, the psychology behind it and the methods used to hook players into addiction within the gacha environment to start an online community of support as well as inform the overall broad public of the danger of these types of ‘games’. I put that in apostrophe’s because these are not really games; they are built from the ground up for the purpose of causing addictive behaviors and fleecing as much money as possible. The’ game’ is just a shell to achieve that. I will share some online testimonials I have come across in my research that will hopefully give you some insight into how much they affect people and cause harm:


May be same scenario as Telly, let players to spend lot of money to pull that because significantly powerful than other heroes, then nerf that for balancing after few months… :unamused:

Hey PeachyKeen, I knew you under my former alias. I’ve burned everything related to who I once was as a player on here and will not reference it though. What you are describing is something known as sunken cost fallacy. Take some time to read this article on it friend: The Sunk Cost Fallacy Is Ruining Your Decisions. Here's How | TIME

When it comes to games like this, it’s part of the design. Developers rely on fallacious thinking like this to keep you around. Why? Because the greater likelihood you have if continuing playing means you will eventually spend again. They bet on it; especially when they mix that with loss aversion. Here is a link that describes that in more detail: What Is Loss Aversion? | Psychology Today

I hope you are able to find your way to the other side of this as I have. After going $8000 in debt, it took a lot to break the addictive behaviors games like these fostered over time. You can do this. You can end dependence on gacha games. While they do everything they can to keep you in the same repetitive cycle hoping to eventually achieve greatness with the best heroes and items, you can break away from it.


Even if u get telly, u will fall into the same mistake of big spending addict if SG release the next powerful hero in the future.

Glad that telly stop u from bad spending habit right now. U have to thanks her that u didn’t get her.

Just enjoy the game, let win will be win and let lose will be lose. Peace of mind, this is just a game, at least u saved tons of money from now on to spend on ur family and kids happiness than buying pseudo hero cards.



Once you stop for a few days you start to realize how much time you are wasting. It’s not as hard as you think it will be.

Oh i studied economics decades ago. Ssdly well aware of the sunken cost concept. I just have a hard time letting go in practice.

I feel closer than ever before, as real videogames, hobbies and life pull my attention.

Seeing how things go.

I hear you there mate. Having the knowledge base of understanding why is in hard competition against biological responses associated with dopamine rewards and developing checks through out your day that push you back towards play.

Try keeping a journal of your day to record your activities. Having something that acts as a counter for your behaviors helps to break the chain of doing the same thing on auto pilot. It has become second nature for us to turn to our phone almost non-stop during our day to play; especially when we find ourselves waiting in between other things.


I’ll ask myself - Is the game overall frustrating or enjoying after I’d spent quite a lot on ? I’m not mind to keep paying a bit more if the game is fun and joyful, otherwise become C2P or even stop paying, why spend hard-earned money to buy frustration…

I quit spending as well. There is just no incentive. After Playing 3 years I have duped of every TC20 hero. The only thing for me to pull for is event hero’s or season 3. The odds are just way too low. Pulling 2 Noor (piece of trash) With 3 free tokens sealed the deal for me. Especially after spending for Telly like the OP to no avail. Now I get to be a second class player by a long shot because of 1 unlucky set of pulls. I have no patience for the untested trash being released lately. Listen to your damn beta testers since all common sense left the decision makers long ago.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and subsequent perspective changes that came from them.

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May be beta tester comments are actually being ignored ? From profiting point of view Telly is really successful…

From a very short term perspective. Long term I think it damaged them.