No More Orbs of Magic?

Haven’t seen any Orbs of Magic anywhere for nearly 2 months… Is there a limit to how many one can find or did the just “magically” disappear after the last update? No “known issues” on this either…

:sweat_smile: I have 33 orbs of magic and just got another one today, so no

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Did you pick up the one from Pirates of Corellia last month?

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Three cameoff of our 8* Titan today

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If you said 8 months, I’d say you’ve had back luck, but 2 months is normal RNG luck

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Yep, they were deprecated. We’re not allowed to level holy heroes anymore. Show’s over.


I got all the orbs, but there are no more trap tools or hidden blades.

Nor Arcane Scripts, it seems. Share with the rest of us, will ya? :-p

Just heard the news! Orbs are no longer in the game?! That’s messed up, everyone!

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If only SG would let me trade those Arcane Scripts for something, I don’t know what they are for, honestly ■■■ are they for?

Recruit hygiene. I just don’t have enough outhouses… :-/


This sounds like the seed of an awesome RCT post. I’ll l be watching for it :slight_smile:

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Not sure about the hidden blades, but I found the cache of trap tools. My villagers have Heard the news and have already started raiding my sock of arcane scripts. I must hide them better… :grin:

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Alright, I had to search to find out when I need arcane scripts, they just never penetrated my radar since we all apparently have them in abundance.

taking a 5* from 1-2, or 3* 4* from 2-3 we need 3 per ascension, but only yellow or red.

I didn’t know, but now I know I have arcane scripts to ascend 507 yellow or red heroes currently.

Let us convert those scripts, I’ll give 500 for a 3* non-farmable today. 1500 for a 4*.

If it’s 500 for a 3*, it would be like 5000 for a 4*

A few days ago I even got one from a mystic vision. Nothing is impossible…


There surely isn’t a limit to specific material, although due to natural randomness of the game one can end up having 68 orbs of magic, whereas he sits on 80 fine gloves, hypothetically :wink: So yeah, orbs are the most rarest 3 :star: mat for me too.

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