No more newbie alliances?

Had a friend want to join this game and I directed him to the alliance recruitment page here. He told me that everyone now is asking for a lot of trophies and to have a certain team power in order to join.

I scanned a few threads and it does look like the general trend is that people are not looking for total new players?


Most of the alliance recruitment pages/posts are from competitive alliances or alliance families. Your friend would be best settle to searching for alliances that fit his play style and is nurturing.


There are still a Lot of alliances looking for New Players. My alliance for example has a Wing for playing less competitive or getting Started.

I guess the Forum is not where very new players are recruited.
That is rather more organized advanced alliances who advertise here.
There will be plenty options for him in game though.
Just start from there, hop into one, but continue looking from there.
Dont make the mistake to stay somewhere that does not fit after a while.
Loyalty is great, but it should not stop you moving until you find the right place.
Plenty of Alliances out there.
Good luck for your friend. He will find his place

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His chances may be better if he were to create his own thread stating his stats and preferences. That way he’s only choosing from alliances that are suitable and wanting to help him.


There are typically alliances recruiting new players in the general chat area in-game.

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I haven’t posted up a recruitment post in a while, but we welcome players of all levels.
We are fine with totally new players as long as they participate and somewhat active. Player has to ask for invite, but we have no cup requirements.

You can ask him to check out Darkest Hyrule. We’re not overly competitive, we just want active players.

Tell him to join Clan Clan, boss Fbanu13. We have trophies at zero and we can help him grow. We are an international Alliance and he will be welcome there.

It’s nice to see so many allisnces reaching out to new players.



I have found to be the most effective way to get multiple offers, so your friend can choose the one that best suits them. If it doesn’t work out, they’ll have a list of others to choose from. GL


Good luck to your friend. As a newer player it took me 2 months to find an active alliance. Every alliance I joined were hit or miss on activity level. This is not good if you buy POV and need those titans defeated.


The Guardians family is definitely looking for new players of every experience level!

We have experienced leaders that teach and help players with the game through every level.

@ckara7 is the one to talk to and Guardians Academy is the starting alliance. If your friend is more experienced we have different levels of alliance available. Good luck!


We definitely welcome everyone in the Guardians Family! We just had a large graduation in Academy and have 11 spots open :blush:

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Try this thread:

Lot of options there. some may not be active anymore but… :slight_smile:


We have a sister alliance called Sixth Element Redux where he can basically play however he wants and still enjoy the game.

There are no rules really, has a more laidback vibe, like a holiday home kinda feel.

@RomanLeviticus has a training alliance for newer players. :slight_smile: Good luck to your friend!

Hello Quest, we have a newbie/training alliance called Loot Hunters Redux

It is the newbie/training alliance for Loot Hunters

Currently has 8 members with more to come as we are actively recruiting. Members can move up to Loot Hunters when they feel they are ready

Hi Quest,

I see that he has offers here and I’ll just throw our hat in the ring too.

Our training alliance, Rise Against Academy, has a zero cup requirement and is a laid back, supportive learning environment. 5-6* titans as it’s been running for a month now. Maybe we’ll see him soon? :smiley:

I’ll let him know. Dude is playing combat puzzle now lol

I am excepting newbies… Where the Wind Blowz… We are not hung up on trophies or team power. We are helping new players learn the game and we communicate so as to help one another with whatever they need.

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