No more nerfing characters

Bringing this up because I know a few characters got nerfed before I started playing and to be honest that’s a jerk move. Especially since people paid money to get that character only to have them nerfed the next day. That’s like me buying a sports car and dealer takes back the car to put a smaller engine in it and gives it back. Um no give me my money back because I bought a sports car. Just believe it’s unfair to those that that happened and worries me for the future characters which I want to spend money on getting.
If anything, to make both sides possibly happy? Nerfed Hero’s only on raids?


Nerfing is a necessary part of most card based games. Its not uncommon for gaming characters and items to get nerfed. For card games, some cards actually get banned. It sucks for most of us, but is a necessity to keep the balance imo.


I totally agree here. Game balance is one of the most important aspects of any game, so unfortunately nerfs are necessary.
@Thief I think the comparison to the sports car is a weak one…more like a virtual sports car you paid as much as you chose for, and even the changing of the engine would be for a reason (balance in the game, maybe new laws in the car comparison).


That’s not my point exactly. Point I was making was more of as false advertising. Players are purchasing Hero’s thinking they’ll get a powerful hero only to have it weakened after…think there should be some reimbursement for them.


I get where you are coming from, but i dont see it happening. Think of MTG and Yugioh. Cards go in and out of ban lists all the time. there are no reimbursements for money spent on them. And some of those decks costing $1000s are rendered useless due to a few bans.

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Or just take League of legends or hon they had done the same releasing new heroes/champions and in the next update they got nerf.

I’m of the opinion that there should be some form of compensation for a nerfed card.
In other role play games you get to choose a character and build it in a certain way. If the nerf comes, you can (generally) re-spec… or building the character isn’t so damned expensive.

In this case it’s very small random chance that you get an awesome character. If you choose to spend to get an awesome character you will have to spend A LOT. It’s understandable that you will then feel massively affronted when your porsche gets nerfed down to a Volkswagen.

I support the idea that cards need to be tweaked to maintain balance, so I think it reasonable if you own a card that was subject to nerfing you should have the option of trading it in for x number of Elemental Summon tokens, and a special trainer hero to fast-track (at least some of) the training of the potential replacement. What should x be? Dunno… say 5? That will give you a slim to ok chance of getting at least some form of decent alternative to your nerfed hero.

This leaves the player that was the ‘victim’ of a downgrade in hero power to at least have the option to trade out if he feels the hero has been rendered redundant, or to stick with it if he thinks the downgraded hero still has a place in his team.

Where the game is so reliant on random chance to build a good team, I think this is fair.

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Yeah just feels very unfair since players put in their own money to get a hero that the devs put out only to have hero downgraded after they took their money. Feels like robbery lol Devs should have my ID name

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To nerf or not to nerf, that is the question… :wink:

At any rate, something new that the Devs have put in place in version 1.6 is beta testers. There’s a small group of players that pre-test the release and try to break it/give feedback. The goal is to find majority of bugs before the version is released, and to identify major imbalances in new heroes.

So now there’s an extra step in place to help prevent (hopefully) the need for major nerfs. Minor game balances are still expected though - and these can go either way, as seen by the latest release notes for version 1.7


I hope they nerf ONLY when there’s a huge mistake on a hero (like Athena), not every released version.

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This is not like taking your car and swapping the engine. Totally different thing.

The goal with nerfing is not to steal your money with false advertising. That would be a really bad business model. Balancing in games is always needed, because experience and new heroes show balance problems.

That said in some cases they should have given some gems back. Athena was one that was nerfed hugely right after release when it was realized she was way too powerful. I bet many paid to get her because she was so good. It would be stupid to keep the game broken just because people had spent to get her but some payback should have happened. She is still a very strong hero though. Not OP, but good.

Like Hearthstone does that. I have gotten dust to craft cards when some cards got nerfed too badly.

What hero did you spend on that got nerfed, @Thief ?

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None. I’m just worried for the future. They’ll release a hero which is good and I’ll spend money to get it only to have it nerfed after…I also feel bad for the players that put countless hours in saving up gems in hopes of getting a powerful hero and have those hours go down the drain. I think this game should reward those who put many many hours into this game or those who spend money.

Athena is the hero that got hugely nerfed. I know they nudged Boldtusk, and massaged Brienne, too, but they took an axe to Athena. I don’t recall another hero that got this treatment in quite the same way…

sorry but thats why they have beta testing …once you release a heroe you can improve it not the other why … i spent money to get this speciality … now i dont …so take back your heroe and give me back my money …

Nerfing or buffing is part of improving the game, happens as needed, and can anyone actually name examples that their ticked off about or is everyone just bandwagon ranting?(not inteded question for this thread alone but for every anti nerf thread/post i’ve read)


That’s officially a 15 month necro. Is this a new record? I think it might be.

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Why do heroes come overpowered out of beta testing?

Yea i caught that after i replied lol it was a solid face palm moment

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Like who??

20 characters

No it is not. When we are spending money on this game to get these hero’s as they are . Not to have them down graded later. Just like buying a car on. Ya think it’s a Mercedes by the stats. But once ya drive it it turns into a pinto. Screw that. You must be a free player and don’t have hero’s to beat her