No more money for you

I’ve played for free for a while now, even posted up a thought a two so far. I decided I liked your game enough to give you some money for it by making quite a few purchases even, but that’s all done now. I have had thousands of gems at times and tried to get more powerful charters by summoning, seeing tons of four and five star ones shown in the summon events. All I ever get are three stars. I’ve kept the faith and raided and raided, listening to people on here tell me it’ll get better, but I continuously lose to less powerful teams with less powerful characters simply because the RNG won’t give me tiles that can be matched to save my life.
Everyone’s toons generate mana faster than mine, even if it’s the same God forsaken toon, wanna take minute and explain that ■■■■ to me?
Said it once before, saying again now, there is ■■■■ broken in this game and you’ll get not another cent from me until it’s better weighted to be at least fair. Spending money gains you nothing except false hope you’ll a toon worth a God damn. End of rant, I’m out, not another cent.


I agree, again, I have put in almost $200 trying to get that elusive Panther and still nothing. I fell SG is stealing from me, so I agree, no more money for SG until they do something about the drop rate for a 5* hero

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I agree. I’ve gave thousands. And I get no better

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It’s just money grubbing and the company will have no one playing in another year, a cycle we’ve seen from games forever. Anyone who ever played world of Warcraft watched that game run from millions of players to extinct because Blizzard didn’t listen to its players. These companies exist because of us, not the other way around. Time they get it into their heads.