No more heavy hits on Titan

Just wondering, do different titans of the same element have different stats? So one could have higher defence, say? That would alter how effective a particular team would be. Obviously the various attacks would affect heroes differently too, e.g. blind making a team relying on Ranvir or Wu Kong miss even more (argh!) , poison meaning you have to heal/cleanse/potion more often eating into your hitting time, and so on. Add RNG to that and it’s no wonder there’s a huge variation in results.


I, too, would like to know.

I have been operating under the assumption that you use certain heroes vs. certain color titans, but I’ve noticed wild variations in scores from one titan to the next, even when I’m using the same heroes against the same color and level titan. E.g., teams that seem to work well against blue dragons don’t work as well vs. blue mammoths. They’re both blue, they’re both X star titans, I’m using the same heroes on both, yet I’m averaging 30-40k per hit on one and barely getting 20k on the other. It’s not just boards, either. I could get a bad board against the dragon and still get a higher score than I get from a great board against the mammoth. Again, using the same exact heroes. What gives? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Worst feeling in the world is when you finally get an epic board of the right color and realize you brought the wrong team! I just did that a couple weeks ago:(


Oh… your active tiles just got their vacation without prior notice, let them have some rest hang on and don’t throw your phone / tablet just yet.

I know I almost did the same… :rofl:

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I don’t mind them taking vacations, but whoever is in charge of managing their vacations should be fired. I can’t have all my purple tiles going on vacation at the same time when I have a yellow titan to kill! :confounded:


I’ve had that feeling recently too. I’ve also noticed I never get epic hero tokens anymore from drops.


I think we experience statistically anomalies and think something in the game mechanics has changed. I’ve had so many bad boards lately in raids revolving around color stacking against a tank that even I’ve been wondering.

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Últimamente si el tablero con los titanes se a puesto complicado y se a visto un rendimiento pobre, cuando antes quitabas 60k a un ■■■án de 6o 7. Ahora lo q le quitas es 28k por muy máximo 30k☹️

Translation by mod:
Lately, yes, the boards have gotten harder to work with and poor performances have been seen, where previously you would remove 60k from a 6 or 7 star titan. Now, you only remove 28k or at most 30k.

Please note that the language of the forum is mainly English. If you post outside of #foreign-languages, please translate your posts to English

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I’ve been fighting 12* titans all year and i didnt noticed any change…
Are you sure you’re not hitting harder titans +stars?
Are you using same teams as before (and important the same troops under the same heroes?)
If the answer is yes… i would say its one of thoose weeks were the rngesus are just against you!!!


Las tropas están subiendo y los héroes al máximo deberiA de ser parejo los golpes, pero el tablero complica mucho los ataque entras con héroes azules y el tablero no te da ni una ficha de ese color eso es lo q está pasando

La mayoría de los jugadores an experimentado lo mismo

Translation by mod:
I’m leveling my troops and heroes, so the hits should be the same, but the boards are really complicating the attack. When you bring blue heroes and you don’t get any blue gems, that’s what’s happening.

And the majority of players are noticing the same thing.

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Who is that majority?
How you measure the majority of players?
I just can talk about the ones i know and see how they play and in my aliance i have a board with all players titan damage…
There are some better in one colour and weaker in other colour and overall i dont see any change after the update…
For a 12* titan an 30k damage average per hit (5 hits) its 150k and you would kill any 12* in a row…
You must look at the average damage… otherwise you can do 60+15+20+17+18 and only made 130k overall damage and yet there was a 60k hit…
I look at things from a greater perspective…
Another thing in 30 players at least 4/5 will have bad boards…
My guildmates damage after the update is not any diffrent from the average …
Thats why i say i didnt notice any diffrence


Rfm el problema viene antes de la actualización bueno es verdad lo que dices ya me e acostumbrado a esos tableros hay q seguir luchando así y llegar a lo más alto q se pueda :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Translation by mod:
RFM, the problem arrived before the update. But it’s true what you say, I am accustomed to those boards, and we just have to keep fighting and reach as high as we can.

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Unfortunately you only have to look in the mirror to find the source of the BS.

Thank you for your very eloquent response!

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Absolutely. Within the same color and star level, there will be several gradations of difficulty of titan. The hardest ones have meaningfully more health and defense than the easiest ones. There’s about a 10% swing in health that we know about, and an equivalent swing in defense would lessen the power of hits by around 15%.

Not sure if anyone has experience that. Sometime I felt like the game purposely slow down the tile move or the special skill effect.

I mean literally slow down the move itself, so each move takes longer than 2 seconds.
Then for another titan hit, the game seems to speeded up, I can make 2 moves in one second.

The different in timing allow or prohibit me from make more moves during this time limiting fight.

Does anyone experience that before?

And I would say at that point, read the T&C’s that you agreed to. You opted out of all recourse for absolutely anything.
Garanwyn has got me to read them 4 times now.
This springs to mind. (paraphrased) “if you believe you have a legal dispute with SGG it will be dealt with (by only) ‘this’ court in Helsinki…”

Yes, I love the “turbo mode”: at reasonable speed the game is exciting and awesome. A pity I only ever get about 20 seconds of it, but I think I know how to trigger the bug in stage and raid play only.

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Thank you for your personal attack.
Nothing to add to the op’s topic of course just a snarl & a snear at another commenter.

You started it by insulting everyone who believes in there being randomness in this game.

Of course there is randomness in the game so your lashing out at those who believe in it shows you don’t really have anything of substance to contribute other than your whining.

Your drive by got the drive by response it deserved

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