No more heavy hits on Titan

What’s the deal with Titan boards? Maybe it’s just me, but titan boards have turned into pure crap! No matter the color team I bring the gems are not there resulting in weak hits. Anyone else experiencing this?


Sometimes. But I just dropped 73k on an 11* Purple


Sometimes I get good hits in the beginning, and I go in expecting to get the same numbers later on, and they’re just not there…

IDK. RNG I guess? :man_shrugging: That is really the catch-all excuse for anything bad that ever happens in the game. Nobody knows how it works. Could all be controlled by a supervillain living in an underground fortress in Antarctica.

Sounds ridiculous, I know, but it’s as good a theory as any other I’ve heard.

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Sometimes is ok, but this is turning into a regular thing. I’m only hitting low level titans 3* & 4* and I can bearly get a 30k hit with 4* 5* heros plus Wu Kong. This is ridiculous, never had this issue before

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I can deal with bad hits, but all the time? Something ain’t right and SG will claim they didn’t change anything


This is going to sound crazy, but sometimes lower level members on my team get better titan hits with their 3* heroes than I get with my 4s. Every time I think I have the perfect hero setup for each color titan, a new titan comes and my hits are completely thrown off. Like a blue mammoth seems to resist my green heroes better than a blue dragon. Even though I’m using the same heroes against the same color titan. I go from averaging 30-40k hits on one titan to 15-25k on the next, meanwhile a lower level member of my alliance is averaging 20-30k when they normally only do 10-15k. Same teams. Roughly the same-ish boards. It seems that certain heroes do better vs. certain titans for whatever reason, and it doesn’t seem to be based entirely on hero team power or special skills.

I was averaging 8k against Purple Titans last week. I go through long dry spells like that all the time. But they always end eventually


I dropped 102k on an 11* and regular 50-60k.

Most hits are 25-45k and I go through stretches without big hits but just RNG being RNG.


I’ve noticed the same thing.
Doesn’t matter who I bring in, for what color, I score about the same. Occasionally I’ll make a huge difference but generally it’s limited to about the same.

Of course SG doesn’t have to answer anyone’s concerns, because all the RNG sing-a-long ballet dancers will twirl in to give you the same ol worn out monologue answer. It’s RNG it’s RNG.

Give me a break.
it’s like when all the so called “news sauces” give you the same news all parroting the same words, that’s when you know you’ve just been served some serious BS.


I’m stealing this quote.

Yeah I’ve noticed titan boards are more meh than they were last week (no solid data, just a hunch), although we have also had lots of blue titans - loath blue as my green heros hit like a feather :confounded:.


As opposed to the quality data you provide?

If you actually recorded data sometimes instead of just perpetually complaining for 18 straight months about how much worse everything has gotten, month in and month out, maybe it would be possible to objectively assess it something has changed.

But in the absence if actual evidence, random variation is both the logical and most probable answer.

I realize that fact doesn’t agree with your narrative, but that doesn’t make it wrong.


Yeah, on the titan I’m against atm (9* red dragon) I had 1 hit for 10k and 1 for 128k - same team (4 x blue + ranvir).

If I didn’t know any better I would say it was like the boards are random somehow and not the same every time which is really annoying, SG need to fix this right away!


I’m just a game player not a data analyst but I can’t imagine how many algorithms were written, re-written, modified & re-modified to make this game play out the way it does but it must be humongous. Millions of $$, heaps of staff & unimaginable programming time.

And “ding” in the other corner…
The customer.

Hyperthetically speaking of course, If a shop keeper decieved his customer but the customer was unable to prove the wrong doing, does that mean the shop keeper is clean?


My titan boards are perfectly fine, usually I can get a diamond of the color I need in only one minute and half.


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@Garanwyn, I promise to post something favourable about the game one day…
Just to balance things out.


My 86k and 78k hits on a 12* icehammer giant tonight says otherwise


For someone who admits he doesn’t understand enough about statistics to even analyze collected data, you sure are quick to attack and insult people who do understand how both statistics and random systems work, and who are telling you that randomness is a reasonable explanation for many of the things reported.

When it smells off to me, I collect data rather than just opining. See, for instance, the Raid Matchmaking data project where we discovered an unexplained positive bias in the matches in Platinum Arena.

Hypothetically speaking, if you had spent some time recording actual data, do you think that one of the many people around here who do know how to analyze it would have done so?

In the real world, repeatedly accusing someone of wrongdoing without proof to back up that accusation is libel or slander. So a smart customer would actually gather some data instead of jumping straight from “I have a suspicion” to “I’m going to run around for 18 months telling everyone these guys are crooked.”


I don’t care if you say something favorable. I care that your continual evidence-free ripping on people who don’t agree with your narrative is both bad for the community and tiring.

You want to do me a favor? Bring data. I promise, if it shows something squirrely is going on, I’ll light torches and sharpen pitchforks with you. But absent some data, enough already.

If someone says it’s just RNG and you don’t agree, tell me what, specifically, you are doing to help disprove the hypothesis.


And let’s be fair here, we all hate how randomness works when we get on a bad run - that is human nature. But my feeling is that if SG wanted to make titans harder to kill they would just make them harder. The easiest way to program the boards is “random” (maybe not “true random” but really it doesn’t matter in this instance) so if you believe time is money it would be more expensive to try and put in a bias and really serves no benefit to SG.

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You know what’s really ridiculous? When you accidentally use the team from your last titan on your current titan (all the wrong colorssss NOOOOOO!!!). Then you switch to the “right” colors and get even worse hits.

What… :neutral_face:


EDIT: I should probably rephrase. Not necessarily “worse” hits, as in, bad hits. More like, absurdly good hits considering that I used the wrong color combo.

Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time. Throw conventional wisdom straight out the window.


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