No more for me

I like it!

62 is I between 70, your original number.
And 56 my number.

I accept 62 as the official number! :+1:

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I’m not young, I’m around your age. And I’m certainly not new to games in general, I’ve been playing video games for going on 4 decades now, basically since I was old enough to pick up a game controller.

New to the so-called FTP mobile games? Yes. That I am new to. Back in my day, our phones were connected to the wall, we didn’t carry them around in our pockets.

I complain but don’t quit. I quit spending, but continue complaining about the spending aspect.

I guess I am just spoiled, in that I got used to playing games where I bought the game and got to play it. All of it. Without RNG involved.

Apparently RNG is just one more of the great “features” of this newfangled mobile “carry in your pocket, take duckface selfies with your avocado sandwiches” crap that was supposed to “revolutionize the world” or some other such nonsense.


I’ll still continue to play the game, as a F2P, because I’m a stubborn old goat like that… but I still remember the good old days. When you could just buy a game and play it. On your computer or console gaming machine. And you watched TV on your TV, and plugged in your VHS if you wanted to watch a movie. And you listened to music on your music player. And you used your phone to to talk to people. On the phone. Which was plugged into the wall.

Oh sure, phones these days can do all of that. Phones these days also cost $1000. And then another $1000 for “chances” to “summon” pixels in your fancy phone games.

Better? Hah! If you say so.



I’m with you dude!

I just had a massive Sunday roast for Dinner and I was like “No more for me”

I was full let me tell you.

But I have no self restraint so I just kept eating and eating even though it wasn’t enjoyable anymore and even though I couldn’t stop it was the meats fault not mine for tricking me in with its juiciness.


Absolutely, blame the delicious meats!!! Mmmm…

Agreed with what was said earlier - if you’re f2p, patience is a virtue. Either wait, or work on those 3- and 4-stars that need loving too!

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Everyone wants 5* so they chase the game buying gems for the pulls.

Then they get the 5* and complain they can’t level them.

Everything will come in this game in time if you have the patience for it. I don’t have a lot of patience so buy the AM when they come up. I don’t need to level anything now to play the game but I want to so that’s the choice I can make.

That’s life though right??? We want everything now and also want it all for free. But that’s not reality is it??


I am a little bit surprised… Didn’t start to track the rare quests yet. But my impression was that you get either a damascus blade or tome about every second time. Thought it was a colour specific / non colour specific rotation… No data. Just my guts. Apparantly my guts were wrong.

Good to know better now. At least this thread was good for something…

The Six Rare Quests

Rare Quest Circular Order - Mariamne

Both tomes and Damascus blades come from Farholme, but they alternate. There is a set rotation, same as elemental summons (not that anyone does elemental summons anymore…)


Yes, I realized that when I read this thread. I am just amused how my selective perception was able to trick me for so long. I could have sworn I get a D. blade at least once per month from rare quests… while everything else comes by soooo seldomly :laughing:

Tried 20+ games and uninstalled all of them just for this reason. You can’t play 5 minutes without being spammed with ads and / or “buy x,y,z” popups.

At least E&P has no ads…

I’m just gonna assume this is sarcasm.

So many “buy x,y,z” popups lately!
I had to close like 7 of them yesterday before getting to my base…

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When was the last time this game stopped you from doing something just to show you and ad?

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But every time you close one, you saved that much more money!

/Ok, not really, but I like to think so!

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The offers thing seems to be odd…I’ve never had more than an Event one and 1 other pop up at the same time…

Usually I don’t have more than 1 active either. The game seems designed to offer you more the more you buy them

Literally every time I log on.

I know, you’re talking about ads when I “clickity click” on things.

Okay, this is me logging on to E&P on a typical day.

Log on…




Logged on.


click here

go to invites

add friend

No, no, no. Thank you, but no.

Phew. That one’s over with. Now, to collect from my TCs…


NO… :confounded:

Aw ■■■■. Clicked on the wrong part of the screen. It’s now taking me to the Google purchase screen…

Exit. Exit. EXIT…

Okay… damn.





Alright, back in. Cool! Now, back to what I was-


No, thank you… anyway…


NO… :rage:

Your base was attacked by Some Douchebag

Yeah, that’s great… whatever… aaaaanyway…






Can I please just collect my TC heroes and farm hams and irons now?


With this we both agree, it’s annoying! But my point is that many games these days force you to watch 30 seconds long ads just because …you exit to main menu?

Maybe this is why E&P is not showing this kind of video ads, because the “spammy” popup system works like a charm.


Oh nonono, I made that mistake, thinking well, Damascus Blades and those purple books aren’t so rare, they’ll come around again and found myself short of them because of course they’re not so element specific! Oops

keep ascension materials for your best 5* heroes, , let the weaker ones at 3-70.
btw this game has powerful 4*; you can beat any level and a lot of diamond teams with those 4* .

Over the months I have had many great mystic visions. I had one just a couple days ago, saw some rings…

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I don’t mind the Mystic Vision videos, because they give me loot (and I actually have to choose to watch those).

I can’t really speak for other mobile phone games. I’m sure most of them are filled with ridiculous amounts of ads, which is one of the reasons I don’t play them. E&P is the only game I have on my phone, aside from whatever freeware junk came preinstalled on it.

If this is the way that other mobile phone games typically operate, only worse so? Popup ads coupled with RNG paywalls and such? I don’t really see any reason to download any of them. This is not the way I like to play games.

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