No more for me

I’ve given as much as I can with this game, if you can called it a game!!! Yes there have been good days, very good days, but mostly there have been days when you are left scratching your head wondering how the hell you just lost!!! Its no longer a joy to play this game, 5 months waiting for 1 ascension mat and 12 heroes to give it to is long enough. Pathetic and I know someone will write back with an explanation, but frankly, I don’t care. For those staying and enjoy playing, good luck, for those who feel like me, spend your money elsewhere it’s not worth it.


I think you meant to post this on the E&P Play Store review page.


Just remember this is a cash cow all game manufacturer are now following. Be hard pressed find a free game like this anymore. We all feel the same. Good luck

Speak for yourself, please.


Me tried to enjoy the game what Heros I’m having in my roster.
Me yet not received any s2 or s3 5*.
When I see those Heros with newbies me gets jealous on them. But never frustrated with my summons.
Never got frustrated when I didn’t got any 4* mat , but gets angry some time. Lol.
That’s how I play.
E&P is a game to me to release RL stress.
20 characters of GL to you.
But honestly this is a good game. I’m paying them for creating a good game like this.
Pay to play. Simple as you like. :blush::blush::blush:


An advice: never give everything you can in a game. If you do so then you’ll have nothing left.


There is a cycle of AM rare quest which rotate every 70 days.

Which means in 70 days, if you complete them all, you are guaranteed to get:
1 Damascus Blade
1 Tome of Tactics
1 Mystic Rings
1 Mysterious Tonic
1 Farsight Telescope
1 Poison Darts
1 Royal Tabbard

As 5 months is more than 2 × 70 days, in 5 months you are guatanteed to get 2 of each of them. Unless you skip the rare quest.


But you need 6 to ascend ONE hero. That’s the rub. It takes a long time for one hero of a specific color. But that’s the game. Accept it or don’t.

It’s less than 70 days

According to:
[💫 Memento Rare Quests]

Shiloh (21Nov’18) - last Farholme (14Jan’19)

And the next 2 rotations:

So an average of 56 days,
you can receive 1 of each

Or has it been spread out? To include all the added extra pilings…


1 cycle is shiloh to shiloh…

That 56 days is not counting the time it need to go back to shiloh from farholme to complete a cycle. That is only total of 6 gap. The full cycle is 7, so it become 56 × 7 / 6 = 65 days.

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Do not cry.
Do not spend.
Just play.

If you spend expect nothing.


Another rage quit… Don’t put your all in this game or any other games for that matter. Just play and enjoy while you can…


So. If you go Shiloh to Shiloh:
How is that not 2 darts and 1 of everything else?

I know this is going to fall on deaf ears but I have to wonder if the people who feel the need to complain here before they quit are young and have never played a so called FTP mobile game before.

I am mid 40’s and have been through a few of these games in which yes…you can play for free but your expectations need to match that. If you want to be on the top of the boards or have all the new sparkly heros then it is not free to play.

People who spend money get better stuff regardless of your RNG arguments.

It’s a great game as long as you dont put all your life’s hope and dreams in it.

Play as long as it’s fun and when it becomes less then fun move on to something else.

Keep in mind too the life cycle of these games… were likely only a year or two away from the developers making less and less updates and let the game just be what it is.


21 nov 2018 to 22 january 2019 is 62 days

22 jan to 25 march is 62 days

25 march to 30 may is 66 days

30 may to 25 july is 56 days

25 july to 25 september is 62 days

(62+62+66+56+62)/5 = 61.6 days

You got 1 AM every 61.6 days.

But 2 darts! Lol …

I like how we sabotaged this thread though!
We make a good team :rofl:

If you get a birthday present each time on your birthday, does it mean that if I calculate the date between your birthday on 2017 and 2018 (365 days) you get 2 birthday presents? NO

You get 1 each year.

You got a dart on November 21 and another dart on Jan 22. But still only 1 of all the rest

When I calculate the date I don’t count the 21 november, the day counted is 22 november, 23 november, up till 22 Jan. The total is 62 days.

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Well, the OP make claim about AM rate so we cannot be accused of off-topic :rofl:

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