No More Epic Hero Tokens?

Is it just me, or have the devs basically eliminated epic hero tokens from the game unless you’re willing to pay for them or happen to win special events?

They used to drop pretty frequently with monster and titan chests. I haven’t received one since March (maybe even far longer – that’s just when I noticed I hadn’t been getting them and started keeping track). I still get Epic Troop tokens now and again, but no Hero tokens. Along the same lines, I feel like the special element monster chests have basically vanished, too. I haven’t had one of those come up in I can’t remember how long.

Has there been any kind of official word on scaling them back? Because there’s “random” and then there’s “ridiculous.”

(I should note, I’m a fairly active player, so I fill chests regularly, participate in special events, and my alliance does a pretty decent job on titans – so it’s not like a lack of opportunity due to limited play.)

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