No more aliance

Due to the large number of allians and their lack of experience adding the lack of members to recruit, I propose the following.
1 -Eliminate alliances whose leaders have been inactive for more than 3 months, or pass the command to another member who is active.
2- eliminate alliance members who have been inactive for more than 3 months.
3- check the number of players by available countries or regions and take into account the number of alliances available and achieve a ratio in which the number of available players is always greater than the number of alliances bone for every 40 members 1 alliance.
4- if the ratio of available players is low based on alliances:
a) Block the creation of new alliances until the ratio increases.
b) only allow people of x levels (ex: 30/40/50, etc) to create alliances (unless the ratio of players vs. alliances is very high in that case anyone could create an alliance)

c) limit the possibility of new players creating alliances until reaching a higher level and better understanding of the game. preventing a level 4 player from being the leader of an alliance.

There are a large number of alliances at least in my region and not only are players missing to be able to fill them, many alliances are abandoned as well as many accounts within them, and not only that, but there was a lack of consideration for helping and include low levels in alliances as everyone is fighting to be top. in this way they will force some alliances to take new players to occupy empty spaces well it is my idea greetings to all
ratabboy arg red de alianzas

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