No more access to the chat of the game since last event avalon appears!


Thanks for solving this issue


Are you saying it’s solved? Or please solve it? (I think #2…)


2 players in my Team have the same mistake.


Please solve it!!! It doesn’t work on my two different machines…


I play on Ios and have the same issue. I can’t access the chat.


I know of some other players belonging to other teams who experience this issue.
Please help us. it is not resolved and has begun about 18 hours ago.
Some play on android and some on Ios and our wireless is working fine.


Hi the problem is always for my team’s boss… Please can you help us? Name team: Lamb of God thank you for your time ^^


For everyone having issues, please immediately contact Game Support:

NOTE: I have ios (t-mobile). If I go outside my home network, game chat stops working for me. Return home, turn phone off/on, voila, it works again. I know there is some issue with T-Mobile, but I’m not a techie, so this is what I do.


For me, problem solved today. I’ve done nothing special but it works now…


I got the same problem. Chat won’t go.


contact support as i did, read 2 posts above to know how to do…


Thx for help :wink: it’s work now ;*