No mercs on the battlefield!

EDIT: I guess I’ll find out now if it’s possible to change the type of post after initial post and comments; just too controversial a topic (I already knew that), so now it’s become a rant. :grin:

Yes, mercs, we love you, but…

Our alliance just fought opponents with the weirdest levels yet.

Most players were in the 20s or teens, but there were these three massive players who had joined at the same time, just a few hours before the war started.

Sure enough, all three were gone the minute the war was over. They stomped our teams by over 750 points and still had 17 flags left.

Simple fix: Don’t allow people to join wars unless they’ve been alliance members for at least 85 hours! That way they’d only be able to do it once a week, at least!

I have to disagree with this. Sometimes you have a young alliance and they want to learn new war strategy. Our alliance had a couple people come in and “general” for our wars once or twice. It was very helpful. We would not have started monotanking when we did except a merc helped us organize our defenses and pick a good color to tank. The reality is, war matchmaking is pretty fair since it’s based on hero strength. The offset comes from lack of flag use on either side or lack of strategy on one side or another. We’ve lost by 1000 points on what appeared to be an even match before and we’ve won by 1000. It’s an ebb and flow.

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The “mercs” had to be there when matchmaking happened. Otherwise, they would not have been able to participate. Additionally, since you were matched with them, it means that as a whole your Alliance and theirs has similar power, sure a few heavy hitters may make a dent, but it takes a team effort to win a war.


Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Tamsin.

Helping people to learn would be great, except that’s not what happened in this case.

The big guns just swept the field at the end (the opponents had only used about a dozen flags up until three hours before the end), and hardly anyone else lifted a finger except for the leader.

So I don’t think they learned much except that mercs are great, and you can go play your game and let them get your loot for you, no brain necessary.

We learned about war stradgety (:rabbit: :carrot:) by reading and discussion with older members/alliances. And by trial and error, of course.

It was a “good” match in that our levels and team scores added up to almost the same – again, until the end, when all the players suspiciously started levelling like mad. Yay for them for their coordinating ability.

I’m not a fan of the “all’s fair in love and war” strategy. I’m into cooperation and helping. Maybe I shouldn’t be playing this game. :wink: (I’ve been playing for a year.)

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It was always my understanding that war matchmaking is done based on whatever teams are opted in before matchmaking begins - thus, the overall war scores should be more or less equal. That doesn’t mean that an alliance with mostly level 30s won’t come up against an alliance with mixed level 20s and 50s or some other variation, but I have been lead (or perhaps misled?) to believe that they’re supposed to be “fair” overall, on average.

That is not to say that you will never get unfair opponents. I’ve had more than my fair share of overpowered opponents (like seriously? their lowest team is a higher level than our highest team? what genius decided this “algorithm”? LOL)

Actually the opponent we just beat today had higher overall player levels and defensive TPs, but super weak benches behind their main teams, which made for an easy victory for us. I’ve learned to not jump to conclusions when it comes to wars… maybe those high levels will come in and kick your team around like a ragdoll, or maybe they’re just there for show. You don’t really know for sure until the war is over.


Thanks, TGW. As I said above, it was a “fair” match, except for the disparity in levels and team strengths.

I think our main problem is that only a few of us actually have and use a war strategy, and the rest just hit whoever looks easiest at the moment, so they don’t know what to do when the other side is clearly coordinated and ready to burn us. (I haven’t done wars in a few months, because that stuff is too frustrating, hence the “they”.)

And yes, we’ve had our share of teams that LOOK tough, but fizzle out after two hits.

Good description of the truths and frustrations of war matchups; thanks. :smiley:

@Rosenberg95 I am a drifter and sometimes the alliance of my other account needs help with a titan. So I leave the current alliance to help and be back before matchmaking. Same situation but I am no merc.


It is difficult when your team isn’t coordinated. I hated that about my first alliance - great group of people individually, but they were terrible when it came to working as a team. I tried to coordinate wars, but I never knew when each player was going to be online, and even when I was online at the same time as them, they would just go in and hit without communicating with me first - or worse, they would log in and say “all these teams are too strong, I’m not even going to bother attacking” and log out. :confounded: That alliance lost at least 2/3 of their wars.

Really, proper coordination, strategy, and using all flags are the main ingredients to winning Alliance Wars. The most common mistake that players make is using the wrong team to attack a particular opponent. And if many members in your alliance aren’t experienced in wars, they’re going to make that mistake, repeatedly, unless somebody who knows better is there to guide them.

Again, that’s not to say that you’re going to be able to win every war… even with the best teams and coordination, you will eventually get matched up against teams that are just a helluva lot stronger than yours and there won’t be much of anything you can do about it aside from accepting the loss and hoping for a better match next time. :man_shrugging:


TGW, that (first) alliance of yours is a dead ringer for mine. Maybe you were in it. :grin:

All so true – your comments will help many others when they find them! :hugs:

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I doubt it was the same, I think a lot of alliances are like that.

I was there from September-December 2018. Left right around Christmas last year to form my own with family and friends. It’s a much smaller group, but we actually do better on wars (and even titans) than my former alliance did with twice as many members.

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We coordinated several wars and people got frustrated not being able to do whatever they wanted, and then the team players got frustrated with THOSE people and we had a lot of hard feelings, so we just accepted that…

and say we’ll either lose a lot and fall so low that we get matched against a powder puff team and then win a few or win so much by fluke* that we get matched too high and lose several… meh… at the end of the day, we get a little extra free stuff and we have fun watching the reset, cheering on our allies who are going in for the kill and coordinating tank busting and clean up effort with our baby teams. E&P really is so much more enjoyable when you go at it with a hippy attitude unless you’re lucky enough to find 29 other like-minded people to be competitive with.

*the fluke I like to refer to is this one time :laughing:

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Yes! Exactly.

I’m lucky enough to have a small group of like-minded people under my banner. They’re more than happy to rally and follow instructions when they’re able to play, we enjoy doing the wars, communication and coordination is spot-on and no hard feelings. But at the same time, smaller team, lower levels, means that we can’t take down really big titans. We take down 5s easily and occasionally take down a 6s when schedules allow it. Real life takes priority.

It’s possible to be competitive and semi-casual at the same time when you have a small group of people who are all on the same page and communicating. The more members you have, the harder it is to manage them… harder still when they’re in a bunch of different time zones… throw in different personal schedules, language barriers, and random members who don’t even bother trying to communicate… at that point you just have an anarchistic alliance. Which is fine as long as you’re all okay with that situation. But if you have some players who want to be competitive / hardcore and others who just want to hang out and chill, it’s probably going to be impossible to keep them all happy.

One possible solution? Split the alliance. One for hardcores, one for casuals. Allow members to move back and forth between them as their own personal situations change. Admittedly it’s not a perfect fix, as neither alliance will be able to take down the same level titans, and transferring between alliances messes up your war chests and titan loot and whatnot, but it can help solve some of the drama issues when member A gets mad at member B for missing war flags or not hitting the titan or whatever, and also the “casual” alliance could be a place for normally active members to take a temporary break, and also a great place to recruit new lowbies, show them the ropes and see how they perform before bringing them into your “main” team.

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