No luck in pulls 20k gone

Hi there, I’ve done my puls totally 20k of diamonds like and none of tge the Kageburado like is it joke lads? No 5card at all from Atlantis, could You please fix that finally pls, I don’t mind to spend a cash for a game like but give me something to play. I’ve got a proposition if You will do a 30 pulls in Atlantis that’s shall be guaranteed 5card, ans for instance if i can use 2%for a 5* give me offer to buy kageburado for 5k instead of pulling , is it sound like a common sense like?
I hope so at least if I will try to get something from TC20 I will get 5 star like magni or sartana,
I look forward to hearing from You,
Fingers crossed You will fix that and as well looking more carefully for top dogs in the game pls,. Brgds
PERUN from Alliance Chill out forever, before Vae Victis


I would agree with you, but the problem is it has to stay random. If it was setup the way you wanted, literally the whales (mega-spenders) in the game would wreck it by spending to get whatever they wanted. This game is a lottery, either accept it and keep playing or decide it’s not the game for you.


But I too feel your pain, I spent $250 or roughly almost 30,000 gems last month trying to get Inari and for about 100 pulls all I ended up with was a Kadilen, kinda a sorry joke. Since then I’ll never go after another hero so hard unless they are viewed as a game changer

And we go back to: What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")

There is nothing to fix. Is just how the lottery works in this game.

Edit: I just want you to know that we all have been there. But unfortunately is just the name of the game…


Someone posted a video of a lottery give away in a alliance, they pulled 4 5* from a single 30x. That’s insane luck. I did 100 pulls and ended up with 1. That’s why it’s not worth it to be a big spender unless you’re rich and have money to burn. You could get lucky or super screwed over you’ll never know until you actually go for it. I did and got squat to show for it

GO RIN NO SHO Alliance Atlantis Summons 30 Pull Raffle we are still buzzing about it


I’m happy for whoever that person was, I just won’t partake in spending that kind of my own money for such little results. I’ve probaly spent $500-$700 on the game in the last 9 months and I only have 12 5* heroes total. Only 2 of those are regular heroes you could summon in TC20 in Kadilen and Justice. Several more are heroes I won’t ever level up such as Guardian Kong, Aegir, Santa. My main team after almost 10 months of playing is Delilah 3/70, Victor 4/80, Zimkitha 4/80, Morgan Le Fay 4/80, and Drake Fong 3/70. Usually keeps me in the 2350-2600 range. I’ve been debating if I want to max Drake since I only have 10 darts and couldn’t ascend a second yellow to max if I did pull one. Is he really worth maxing out?

3* heroes for something your purchasing is almost a slap in the face. They are so plentiful in the game and almost 80-90% of the loot you get from your purchase will be a 3*. I think trainer heroes should be dropped in place and maybe even ascension items 3* and 4*. At a 1% chance of 5* that is roughly on average around $200 just to obtain 1. Then your lucky to get enough ascension materials to get anywhere with it. This game is designed so you have to play over the course of a decade.

if you want the game to end in 1-2 years please vote for this ideea. simple.


yes, drake is worth the darts!

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You have Drake and Delilah…kind of a toss up…both are worth the darts

Let’s examine this carefully.

  • “3* heroes for something your purchasing is almost a slap in the face.” the odds in the portal are posted: there is a high chance that any summons will be a 3*. Each pull is independent of the others.
  • “I think trainer heroes should be dropped in place” an interesting idea. Perhaps as a additional hero in the 3* category.
  • “maybe even ascension items 3* and 4*“ implemented in the Atlantis portal with the Ascension Chest that comes with each 10 summons.
  • “At a 1% chance of 5* that is roughly on average around $200 just to obtain 1.” Fortunately the odds are much better than that, with a total chance of 2.5% for a legendary plus 1.3% for the HOTM. The odds of a particular 5* hero are tough, though. The odds of getting Kageburado were only 0.3%.
  • “This game is designed so you have to play over the course of a decade.” it would be nice to think it will continue to be viable and fun for a decade, but no one has played for more than about 20 months, so clearly your timescale is too long. My alt’s “birthday” was yesterday, a cheap-to-play account (perhaps $100 spent over 12 months) with 11 5* in the roster (only four of those in final ascension) and a solid base of 4* heroes. Not winning any events, but a solid account that holds its own against titans and in wars.
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It would be nice if there was a “pity timer” of some sort here as there is in Hearthstone. In that game, if you have opened 40 packs without getting a legendary (best class of cards in game, similar to 5* hero here) then you will be guaranteed a legendary on the 40th pull. It prevents some players from being totally screwed over by repeated bad luck. Without such measures some players will inevitably get very long steaks without ever seeing a 5* hero, just as some will be lucky and pull several in a row. No one complains about good luck but some people will quit after suffering months of bad luck.


Thanks for posting this data. I’m new to the game and did just 4 pulls in the recent elemental summon, attempting to get a 4* hero. 2/4 pulls were the EXACT same 3* hero. “Hello, AGAIN, Friar Tuck.” Thought it was strange, and had a slightly BS feel to it, so it’s good to know I just have excellent luck, just not in the way I wanted to! :woman_shrugging:t3:

Not that it would make much difference on what you summon that you want to keep, but here is an idea for those that never want to summon a 3* again.

Increase the cost to 1000 gems per pull or 9000/10 pull.

Make it Epic 90% and Legendary 10%.

No more 3* with about the same gem cost.

Would you rather that cost with no 3* feeders?

@Wad that’s basically how the game is now ungodly amounts of cash for nothing. Your basically asking $900 for a 10% chance at a 5* is that realistic for someone who likes to play the game. Right now every 10 pull is about $80-$100 and in most people eyes that should be a $30 maybe a $50 purchase at best. These odds are almost identical to a real casino making it almost a joke. I think you have better odds on blackjack or roulette. The only reason people are purchasing now is because they getting greedy and want to get on top competitively because they keep coming out with better heroes… At some point the new players are going to run away from the game because they cant compete that will eventually lead to the top leader boards leaving out of boredom which is what is happening currently.

This is why I’ve expanded the idea of shards, to reduce the RNG element of hero pulls and ascension mat drops without making the game a straight P2W.

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Sounds to me like this game is already fixing the ascension materials problem with the Alchemy Lab. This should be developed in early 2019.

We would prefer a purchase fix. Nobody wants to spend on a gamble on a simple gaming app, specially with unrealistic odds. It would make more sense to have $100 roll on a 5* of random then just be by chance at least then players knew they was at least going to get something. Even dropping 3* heros should probably be fully ascended if anything else. Nobody wants to purchase a 3* to level up. And that is extremely expensive food for the little amount of gain you actually get from them. You can get that same amount of food overnight in a TC no problem.

This is another question I dont understand? Why are we getting duplicates of everything we purchase you buy a 10 pull or a 30 pull and your getting Danzaburo on average almost 10% chance. And if you truly dont believe this is not true just go to youtube and start watching the pulls. Some people get him 2-3x in a single 10 pull.

But then you’d get people complaining about pulling Quintus, Thorne, Justice or Horghall…I’ve pulled all those that I mentioned and they will forever sit on my bench, unless ascension mats become crazy easy to obtain and all my other better 5* heros are fully maxed

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