No luck getting Gravemaker (really need 5* red) but I will live so now what's my best defense team option

Team I’m using now & some of my roster
Other 5* Thorne 3:40, Horghall 2:60, and these unleveled Misandra, Ranvir, Elena(dup), Elkanen(dup), & Atomos ×3
I do have mats for Malosi & Clarissa

In my opinion Seshat is best on the left wing…there she can annoy you with her minions and hits especially when she’s left alone 1 vs 1 1 vs 2…she killed me several times standing there alone by herself…Clarissa has to be in the lineup…maybe as the right wing??? Difficult…and then its between azlar, malosi or leonidas on the left flank…I would put in malosi because he’s very fast but with Telli as the tank maybe Azlar works better because he has time to charge up…magni is perfect there where he is…

Thanks will try a couple of different combinations now trying Seshat, Leonidas, Telluria, Magni, Clarissa

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