No loot Titan Glitch

Came in first place on 6 star Titan an did not receive any loot and it didn’t even count towards my chest.

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in our alliance some people have encountered the same problem.
I advise you to close the game and reconnect!!!
it worked at home and we got our booty.

sorry I’m French and maybe I do not speak English very well :wink::blush:

I tried that twice. Nothing.

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liIr3dh3ad is me and I didn’t get my loot from this plus I used my titan energy flask to help finish.
I’m not happy with this glitch or bug!! This isn’t the first time!!

Sorry miss spelled liIr3dh34d

I didnt get my loot on my last titan either or counted in titan chest i finished first also

Same happens to me just couple of minutes ago. I have log out but thus did not helped

I have encountered the same problem in 1.12 version. Tried to relog and update the game to 1.13 but still nothing.

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