No Loot rewarded in all cases and events

Hello, is this happening to anyone else? I am no longer being awarded any loot, and sometimes very minimal as opposed to everything I’m entitled to. For all events, quests, Titan batles, etc…Stupid me, I’ve even paid for gems in the past for this game! If you don’t fix this, your going to lose an active loyal player!!!

Hi @zephyr2019, and welcome to the forum. Can you be a bit more specific about what loot you were expecting to get that you did not get?

Some specific quests do have guaranteed loot (for example, Frostmarch has a reward of a Scope for completing the final stage). Stages in the world map do not have any particular loot they guarantee. And titans don’t have any specific guaranteed reward either (the reward rolls are by loot tier, but the specific loot is random). Event sequences also have rewards that they provide if the whole sequence is completed before the event ends.

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Hi, thanks for replying. For example, the Titan rewards. It shows when I win what I will get, and when I click claim loot, I don’t get the promised prize deposited into my inventory. Also, when completing an event, I click claim, to claim my prize, and I do t see it get deposited. I have physically been counting the inventory and watching the before and after. The mystery tower as well, click claim, the items don’t get deposited. I hope that I have claified this better?
Thanks again

Hello @zephyr2019 and welcome to the forum. In this case the forum can’t help you. Please contact support

Good luck!


Be aware that there are no new item numbers or indicators in the inventory (the yellow or red “+X” numbers on the tabs or the individual items in inventory) for any items below 3*. So you would have to be counting these items (example: minor mana potions) both before and after to see an update.

As @Sorsha said, submitting a support ticket is the way to go if you’ve been actually counting items and are getting fewer showing up in your inventory than should be appearing.


@zephyr2019, if you go to Options- Support- Recent Activity it will show all your rewards 3* and above (doesn’t show lower tier rewards as @Garanwyn stated)

Also most of what is shown is what you COULD receive if RNG is kind enough to grant you these items. Mostly nothing is guaranteed, especially fighting titans. Good luck, and may RNGesus smile upon you!!


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