No loot on titan

Used a flask to takeout a titan and got no loots.

Did you get no loot at all? Is it possible you just didn’t get the loot popup, and that the loot went straight to your inventory?

Was it rare and you by chance was a merc?
You may also check your inventory and see if there is any thing new.
This was a known issue with the relase of the update 20.0.0
Loot was directly go to your inventory with out given the normal popup

I didn’t get a thing. Helped a team knock down a titan and got nothing in return. I triple checked. I did get an increase in my titan count thou.

I’m having the same issue a couple titans back I didn’t get any loot from our titan and today no loot for raid tournaments either.

The same problem here… no loot…

Hi @Big_M, and welcome to the forum!

Can you take a look at your Recent Activity log and see if that shows the titan reward? Sometimes, there’s just no pop-up.

It is ok… i see it .
Thank you!


You’re welcome! Glad it was there after all :slightly_smiling_face:

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