No loot for level up


Was farming about 15 mins ago and leveled up to level 13 (kept farming same level) and when I realized I leveled up I went to check my reward and there wasn’t one! No reward for level up! :frowning:


There’s usually a splash screen showing some gems and other changes, e.g. increased hero limit or team strength. Can you confirm that your gem count remained unchanged?


You got the reward, just didn’t see the reward screen. That’s what happens when you keep farming the same level after leveling up.


I am not sure how to confirm the gems, but my loot didn’t move and my world
moves stayed at 21 if that means anything. I did Not see the splash screen
this time around.




The maximum world energy doesn’t increase on every level up. At level 30 you’ll have 28 world energy, for example.

Not sure what loot you mean, also.


Ok cool! Thank you! Just out of curiosity sake, what was the reward? Lol


I don’t know the exact reward for level 13. But the world, raid and alliance energies are refilled on every level up. Sometimes you also get a hero cap increase and/or maximum world energy increase. And I think 10 gems on every level up. There’s also the maximum team cost increase, but that’s pretty useless.