No loot after defeating the titan


Today I did not received my loot after defeting the Titan. At the time.when my teammates kiled the Titan I was revanges. But interestingly the Titan count.incresed. I have tried to log out and then log back in but did not helped.

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Usually when this happens you received all the loot - just the window didn’t pop up for you.

I’ve noticed that when I am the one you defeat the titan I don’t get the loot. It has happened twice now and I always check my inventory after and nothing new appears.

I have checked the inventory and there was noting new

I checked the equipment and did not get anything

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Same issue here.
Already opened a ticket for it since it was not the first time happening.
And yes checked the inventory and nothing new was added, so not only the window not showing. Wait and see what support will tell me on my ticket.

I think this is the way to report such an issues, by opening a topic in the forum here or?

I made a ticket ingame.
Push the settings wheel and there you go to the tab called support.
Finally click the support button and fill in the form.

Ao derrotar o Titan apareceu uma ficha de herói que ganhei por derrotá-lo e uma pelo baú de titan, mas no portal de invocação tinha somente uma ficha de invocação invés de duas fichas…

Also the same here I received no loot for ten star Titan kill. I was online when it died and checked my inventory too.

Did you receive a feedback from the support already?

I got no loot either. I was offline at the time it was defeated and it was a rare titan. I’m pretty upset.

They have asked for additional information (time when it happened). So I guess they are looking into it :wink:

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Having the same issue with my alliance now. And on top of that alliance chat ha sa been deleted! What the…?

Today did not receive loot after a 6 star rare titan kill. No “new loot” was marked in my inventory either.

Guess I should add the other info too. Greeks and allies. Titan kill around 10 or 11am EST. The rooster. Logged back in after about 30 minutes away and the alliance had finished it off. Never got the loot screen.

Same exact problem, happened to me twice now. Titan count increases, but there are no new items in the inventory. Titan loot window pops up for a split second, but then disappears immediately.

It is possible that you only received under 3* items, they don’t show up as new. Same happened to me, and it was only a display bug. So I did not see the loot screen but still got the loot.

Hi, I have defeated the titan and did not receive the loots from it. I have tried to login again but to no avail of getting it.

Would really appreciate if you could look into this and provide me your support. Thanks a lot!