No items after finishing event


I like 2 report a bug. I finished the average event, but I didn’t get the items after finishing the event.
Normally that wouldn’t b a big issue, but i had 2 spend 75 gems to finish it. So hopefully i can still get the items or get my 75 gems back.


The tier reaards at completio or rewards for after event?


There are two rewards:

  • Reward for completion of ten levels
  • Reward based on Tier (1st Place, 2nd, etc)

The completion Reward is given as soon as you complete the tenth level. The tier rewards are given at the end of the Event, though it make several hours to process in some cases:


I also received no items after completing the beginner tier 10 on the special event. I tried one more time to defeat the tenth tier with 14 minutes left, got close enough that i spent 75 gems and beat it. Then received only one average summon token when it was done processing on Nov. 12, 2017.


See post above. If you believe an error has occurred, you can contact Game Support for help in resolving it:


Hi Rook,

I didn’t get the reward after completing the 10 levels. I Think the problem was that I completed it when the event was over.
I started it before it ended and when O completed the levels, the event was over.

The strange thing is that i got my tier reward
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I experienced the same thing for intermediate. I contacted tech support via and haven’t heard back yet…


historically, you’ve had to complete the final stage before the event ends to get the completion bonus, not just start it. You got your tier reward most likely because you were in the same tier with score of only stages 1-9.


So has this happened to you? Where is the disclaimer that says that? I might have still tried, but I certainly wouldn’t have resurrected with gems.


As a player, I don’t expect to be rewarded if I’m not complete when something ends (I’ve done this on Quests before). :disappointed:


I disagree, my experience has been different. Add long as I started before it ended then it still counts. Because of this ut should be in a disclaimer out rules to remove doubt.


So I received an email from support stating the event ended so I wouldn’t get the completion rewards despite having finished. I understand, but believe a couple things should be done then to prevent others from possibly wasting gems.

  1. Add a disclaimer at beginning of event and possibly a reminder during last 15 min.
  2. Shut down event server when it ends, so people are kicked from game and won’t spend any more items, gems, or time on a fruitless endeavor.


I totally agree, I wouldn’t have revived for 75 gems If I knew it was a waste.


They are good ideas. It’s not even mentioned in the ‘I didn’t get my rewards!’ section of the event FAQ/rules, people get burnt every time. Add them to the event feedback thread though.


Done the exact same thing. Completed legendary but didn’t get the completion reward.
Why let people start the stage before the end of the events and not give them the reward if they finish the stage? Well the ranking rewards could be understandable but why the completion reward for the tier should be impacted?
Why let people start if they won’t get the completion reward. So frustrating either let the pending games or like said: end or cut the match once the time is up. It’s so bitter because you use items or gems to finish but when you finish you get nothing. More bitter than sweet.


I know of another player who finished before the end of the event but did not get the completion rewards. I told him to contact SG directly:


I have the same issue as others - started finishing 10 stage of second set (in the middle, epic one), I have won but did not get any prizes for this. What is more - I am using this button to go to the support and ask directly but it redirecting me to this forum. I cannot also find any possibility to create new post here…


Click the link above, scroll to the bottom and look for a blue link “Submit a Request” and click that.

You should be good to go; fill out the request form and wait for a response.

Please note: If you finished level 10 AFTER the event closed, you will not get the completion rewards.


This just happened to me on Legendary level 10 of the Fables of Grimforest. Its sad that you are unaware you get nothing for completing the tier till after you finish the board. Why can’t there be a timer counting down like in raids. At least you’d know you can’t finish before the event closes. Games shouldn’t cause this type frustration.


I have heard this before. I would love to see an event timer somewhere. Not sure how they would actually do it though.