No Inari's dodge in Ninja Tower


I’ve just notice that my inari’s dodge don’t proc when Boss ninja hit my heroes…
The “ignored” of Cobalt doesn’t appear too (so he doesn’t pierce if it’s possible)
I’ve made a few tests : I count 15 hits on my heroes with inari’s dodge active on them (56% chances to dodge special skills). There was NO dodge, not even one…

Bug or just a no-dodge no jutsu thing ?

Many of the Ninja’s skills can bypass buffs. See the hero descriptions

Mitsuko work on cobalt 100%

But when Cobalt (for exemple) bypass there is a yellow word that appear on screen (“Ignoré” in french, so I guess Ignored in english)
When I was hit by Cobalt or Saphir these words don’t appear anywhere and there was no dodge from inari’s buff…
So there is bug clearly…

No it doesn’t. His first charge will bypass 60% of any defensive buffs and that includes the reflect. And it only goes higher from there. I’ve faced him more than a few times and with Mitsuko’s reflect on, he’s annihilated my whole team. Also, I’ve noticed that he has a dodge, which isn’t in the card description.

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