No ham and iron returned when resetting emblems (not a bug.. working as designed)

Just reset the emblems on Domitia using gems to pay for the reset, but did not get any ham and iron back.

Why is that?

Are you sure about that? Just FYI, the iron and ham is returned as food and iron bundles. They don’t go to your storages directly.

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I’m positive.

I used a reset token to reset a hero 2 days ago and got the ham and iron returned, but today using gems, nothing.

Here is the other day…

And here is this morning’s


Interesting, then this is definitely a bug. Thanks for the screenshots

Maybe you should also submit a ticket (with screenshots) through the in-game support menu. :slight_smile:

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Will do.

20 support tickets.

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You said you used gems, resources are only refunded when using red reset tokens.

This is a sensible policy as it prevents big spenders from using gems to reset heroes for every event or tournament, and maintains the useful rarity of a reset token.

See the description:


Ok thanks for enlightening me.

Seems daft though, you are only getting 20% back so it’s not like it’s worth doing often. Don’t see why it would stop big spenders resetting often.

Using gems costs you the gems and 5% of the tokens… that is what would stop the constant adding and removal

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