No guarantee 5* wow


With a new season launch and pulling people back to the game you would think the developers would want to entice people with good fortune. I’ve watched 2 30 hero summons now and not either one received a 5 . With only 5 and 6 4 the rest was all 3*. I think people are going to be really angry and leave the game when they spend that kind of money with not even a single guarantee.


Well , i did one pull 10 heros and i got Tarlak, kadelin, Proteus , Sumitomo , Goldtusk, Kelile , and some 3* heros … that includes Melia , chochin, gill-ra …


I did 7 pulls and got Perseus, Drake Fong, Gato, Gill-Ra and yes 4 old 3*s. I can’t complain. $8 and some gems I already had.

My 2nd account not as lucky, 6 pulls 3* Chochin, 4* Danzaburo, and 4 old 3*s. Still $8.


One of my alliance members did 70 pulls no 5* yet I did 19 pulls how I ended up with 1900 coins I have no idea but didn’t pull anything but feeders like 5 4* feeders


What amazes me is that they actually spend that kind of money without a guarantee of anything more than a 3* hero.

But as long as they have already spent that money, it doesn’t matter much if they stay or go. SG already has the money …

… and I can look forward to yet another update. :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing since March. I’m f2p and have had a dozen or so token pulls, about half of those have been 4 star and I have one five star, Alasie HOTM and my favorite blue hero, win win.