No Green Thumb! Nature Help

That’s awesome @Stormjaw!! Bryhild and Mist I’ve also found to be worth the mats. I’ve also raised Mireweave who can get surprisingly strong with stacks.

Keep us updated on your progress, glad your letting those 5* wait a bit, as your 3/4* will give you more value faster. Good luck again, glad we could help!!

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Kinda agree on this one. There are certainly some 5* that are useful even at 2/60 (Telluria being one shining example), and at 3/70 you’ve unlocked 83% of their potential anyway.

Telluria at 2/60 has the following stats:
430 atk/ 583 def/ 999 HP

Except for her atk, she actually has better stats than Caedmon at 3/60, widely considered a very balanced 4* green. But if you’re using Telluria as a hitter you’re doing it wrong anyway, plus her special more than makes up for the lackluster atk. I use her in my Caedmon+6 and Peters 3/60 green stack to great effect, and do not regret one bit the resources spent on getting her to 2/60.

(plus Telly being one of only three green paladins in the entire game really helps with the class quests as well)

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@rho Yeah, I was on your same page for Tell. I did decide, soon after, to get Tell up to 3.70 and currently she’s at 3.48, so we’re getting there with her. :raised_hands:t2:


Mist kicks ___ in boss battles where enemies like to buff themselves (such as Guin in events). She can turn almost everyone in sniper. Too bad you don’t have Jackal, those two together are nightmare. Brynhild is awesome too, especially if you miss green (like almost everyone in war runs blue tank, so one needs quite a few greens). Valkyrie brigade.


@Nightmare2048 absolutely! Trust me, Jackal is a MUST next time they come around. TO VALHALLA!

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Yeah Telluria is a beast used correctly. Most of my alliance seems to have pulled her and are using her in their War D and some their regular D at 3/70 to great effect.

So if RNGesus would be so kind to give the guy that could use another solid nature hero above 4* it would be appreciated, amen.

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