No Green Thumb! Nature Help

I’m currently sitting on a couple of 2.60 5*s and shields have been sparse for me, who should get them?






My only fully leveled nature heroes are Gregorian and Gadeirus. I have MANY 3.60 4s, would I be better to wait on the 5s and fully level other 4*s first?


General advice; yes I would wait until you have a good basis of 4* maxed heroes before sinking into any 5* heroes

Especially I would advise this BECAUSE your shields are sparse so you won’t have the mats to take a 5* all the way…

As it stands right now you have no green depth… Focus on building up some green depth in the comparably “cheap” 4* heroes before getting into more 5* heroes…


Short answer, yes! 5* at 2/60 are not strong. Max some 4* first

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Generally yes, you should do 4* hero’s first.

With a few rare exceptions, a 5* at 3.70 is less effective than a maxed, unemblemed 4*.

I found BK to be an exception to this rule… Telluria might also be an exception.

What 4* are available to work on?


I kinda disagree with the posters above. OP clearly isn’t a new player with his Yunan and so many 5 star heroes. He probably has the infrastructure to get enough feeders to level 5 star heroes in a reasonable amount of time.

At this point, I think it’s probably better to save up those shields to level up those 5 star heroes, rather than to first waste them on 4 stars, and then wait even longer before getting on those 5 stars.

It’s sacrificing short term strength for a much faster long term game.

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I get your point, but I disagree up to a point.

Firstly, OP does tell us he only has one green 4* maxed (Gadeirus) which means we know there’s some incredibly useful 4* hero’s probably sat on his bench not levelled - especially Caedmon and Melendor (potentially Hansel, Buddy, Peters too).

The question mark for me is:

  • What 4* hero’s does OP have maxed in other colours?
  • What 5* hero’s does OP have in other colours?
  • How deep does OP’s war bench run already?

If there’s already a full war bench and suitably decent options for titans and events then maybe skipping over the 4’s in green to do Telluria or Yunan first might make some sense (though both have significantly more influence maxed).

I’d think about it, but it would depend on the answers to my questions above…


He even says he has many greens @ 3.60.

OP you should list which 3.60s you’ve got too if you want some real advice.

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Indeed… I would be surprised if Mel and Caed at least are not there.

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Hey @Stormjaw can you post your current roster? It would make it much easier to advise you?


Sorry, went camping a few days a forgot I’d posted this! My bad.

Ok yeah, I’ll post it in a min, but I want to preface it with this: had the game ~ 2 years but the first year and half i used my calculator app more often than I logged in. When I did start picking it up, judging by much of the blog reading I’ve been doing lately, I was given some poor advice on how to play by my first alliance. So, please, excuse the messy and haphazard leveling. :flushed::grimacing: Finally decided to post in the forum because I do want/ need help, but I am a little ashamed/embarrassed after having been here a few days.I appreciate the input. I’ll post my roster in a couple min.


Don’t be :+1:

It may be commented on, but it’s never too late to start finishing projects off!

And with a good number started, you’re probably at a starting point that’s closer to completing a few useful teams - it might be less efficient than starting only on what you’ll finish, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build from where you are :+1::+1:


no need to be embarassed. I was feeding away wilburs and proteusii because I thought they sucked, and i used rainbow teams even against titans/challenge events with elemental reflect.


Nothing to worry about here @Stormjaw. I spent my 1st 3 months getting Musashi to 3/70, he was my very 1st summons. Later I realized that Musashi wasn’t going to win me many wars…or raids for that matter. So I came here myself.

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Much appreciated everyone! Alright, I edited the original post to include my roster

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I’d suggest finishing Proteus, Hansel and Wu (for titans) also I’d also suggest you work on some additional 3/4* for rare/Epic challenge events and tournaments. 4* are 100% the backbone of E&P
I’m intrigued by Telluria flanked by Vela. But it all depends on your 4*AMs now.

Proteus is one of the top 4* dark hero’s, Hansel May be the best green 4* and Wu is indispensable for Titans until you have Ranvir or Miki at least to 3/70. Mind you I’m working and went over your roster quickly but it appears you have more projects than you can finish in a year so maybe save a big on summoning for a bit? It’s an impressive roster and I’m pretty jealous, heck just Vela and Telluria made me drool. Telluria should be your 5* priority but I can’t help noticing some 3* you need to finish. Hisan, Belith, mnessus, 2nd Nahmage and Bauchan. These are easy and require no unfarmable AM’s.
As for your 5* hero’s…wooooooo baby!! Yunan does very well for me, plus you have quite a few season 3 hero’s who you will need to work on as well.

Please check back in and let us know how it goes. You’ll be quite a powerhouse soon enough but this is NOT a race. You have lots of tools to work with though and I expect to see your name in the top 100 often in the nearer future. Good Luck!!

P.S you’ll likely receive much better advice from the many experts here so disregard anything I say that may contradict them. They have a large amount of experience over myself.


Proteus #1 and Wu #1 look done to me…

Hansel is definitely worth maxing.
So are Caedmon and Melendor (especially with costume bonus for Mel!) - arguably one or the other would be first priority since dispel is so useful… And it’s good to have in multiple colours, not just Sonya.

I’m not far off maxing my Telluria and she’s great fun to play with…
But I think I’d do Melendor and then his costume (it’s quick and cheap on mats for big stat bonuses), then Hansel and then think about whether to do Telluria.


how much roster space do you have o_o

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Thanks @Bubbles, like I said quick look at work. There’s a lot going on there.

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@bobiscool yeah, again, that was the result of that poor alliance guidance. At least, with a roster space of 300, I know I’ll never have issues with too many heroes! lol

@PapaHeavy @bobiscool @BubblesUK Greatly appreciate the help! You’re definitely spot on with the fact that I have more projects than I can finish in a year (feels like it might even be 2 or 3)! I’ve taken your advice about where to spend my time, the 3s. They are getting all my 1 & 2 feeders. (Minus Inari, Telluria, and Merlin, that is. I figure they’re so close to being at 4.70 and 3.70 so I might as well finish them to be useful.) Yet there again, the question returns as well, how many of each 3* should I keep? Looking at some of the tournament top 100, it would suggest I should keep at least 5 so as to fill a full team. We’ll see, you’re right, marathon for sure! Update per hero element:

Surprisingly, I’m finding Brynhild to be a really nice addition, wasn’t expecting that so I’m glad I kept 2 of her.I still can’t seem to pull the trigger on where to spend my only 4 shields that took so dmn long to get, even though I have 8 tonics. Used my challenge coins on Pirates (and costume keys) to purge myself of any desire to summon for a while in the future, and landed 4 Cabin Boy Peters, a whole mess of costume Melendors, and an army of Briennes… sigh quite a few feeders, but I kept 5 of each. I still can’t seem to pull the trigger on where to spend my only 4 shields that took so dmn long to get, even though I have 8 tonics. Ultimately, aside from 3*s, my Greens are mostly at a standstill.

As I mentioned, I’m finishing up Merlin #1 and also working on those 3s as well. I’m also working on Ursena to get to 2.60. Luckily I’m sitting on 11 trap tools for when I get there, not so hot with the tabards though. From the Pirates and costume tokens I pulled a couple Tiburtus costumes, 3 Boomers, a few Rigard costumes, and Tyrum costumes. After Ursena and the 3s, I’d really like to finish Stonecleave and then all 4 of my Proteus’.

Finishing Inari to 3.70 and leveling 3s. Again though, pleasantly surprised by Vallah’s Mist, her and Gretel will be my next 4s to be finished. Kind of like the idea of a team of Danzaburos in the long term. Still not sure how I feel about 5 unleveled Wu Kongs and 1 finished, but for now they’ll sit there. Costume and pirate coins brought 2 Li Xiu costumes and 3 Bane costumes.

Ugh, my ice heroes have stolen so much sleep from me…Gonna wait on using the telescopes for now, but right as I finished getting Magni to 3.70 and all other 5*s to 2.60…the costumes gave me 3 Isarnias. Not going to touch her yet. Then the pirates got me a couple Vodniks. Mostly, though, I’m working on leveling my 4 Vodniks, 2 Gatos, and 3 Nordri.

Since you last saw them, I’ve gotten JF to 3.70 and Falcon to 4.50. Atlantis coins brought me Mitsuko, who I’m getting to 2.60 and will leave there for a bit. Then costumes brought me enough Boldtusks and Hawkmoons to have a full team of each. In my fire nation, 2 & 3* feeders are going to GF and Mitsuko while everything else is going to my 3 Bauchans, 4 Namahages, and 3 Ei-Dunns. After that, I’ll spend time on my 5 Wilburs, duplicate Falcon, and 5 Boldtusks.

I officially used all coins and keys etc. so there will be no more pulls from me. Gems are there for an emergency in play or guarantees.

Now the real panic sets in on the best way to feed this massive army of 3*s and where in the world am I going to find enough meat. LOL I’ve got no problem with being patient, but I am stingy about getting the best bang for my buck (recruits and meat). I’m exhausted just penning this post. :sweat_smile:

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